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Thursday, April 14, 2016
Aaron and I will be going out to register for the wedding soon, and it has made me really think about the things that we would like to have / need for the house. We did things a little backwards, I guess...bought a house together before getting we already have a lot of things that people typically register for.

The main area that could use some help is the kitchen. We have a mix of things from when we each had our own places, so nothing is really cohesive or matches our style as a couple. I pulled together a list of things that would be great to have or replace. As for a store, I think we are looking at Williams-Sonoma. 

Have any of you registered there before? What was your experience like?

The first set of things is related to cooking and baking. I've had my eye on a KitchenAid Mixer for awhile now, and even though white is my favorite color - eventually our kitchen will be white, so I think a pop of color would be cute. I like this aqua sky color! We also need mixing bowls, serving bowls, and some baking related items / utensils. Do any of you have a Le Creuset Dutch Oven? I've heard great things about them, but I know they are pricey and come in so many different sizes!  

Registry 1

The second set of things we need is related more to dining and entertaining. Basic kitchen linens like tea towels, pot holders, and an oven mitt would be great. I would also love all our flatware and barware/glassware to match - it is so mix matched right now! Aaron has lots of spices, and it would be awesome to get them all in matching jars and stored nicely in a drawer, instead of out on the counter. 

Finally, I'm throwing in a Shark Handheld Pet Vacuum because why not?! This one thing will make my life so much easier...maybe I should just go pick one up and not even bother putting on the registry ;) 

Registry 2

I'd love your input too! What did you register for? What items did you leave off that you wish you had put on the list?? xx 


  1. I absolutely love my Le Creuset dutch oven, and their new matte line is so pretty, you should check it out! When we got married we registered at Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and Target. Our families are all spread out, with a lot of Zack's family and friends living in rural areas without easy access to a lot stores, so thats why we added Target in case people wanted to shop in store. We actually got our shark pet vacuum from there, and have had to exchange it twice because it completely died on us! I don't know if we just have bad luck, but save your receipt!

    I kind of wish I would have done Williams Sonoma, but we got mostly everything we registered for and four years later I still love it all and it's in great condition!

  2. i think it's funny because most people these days do things backwards. KC and I moved in together when we got engaged and neither of us had lived on our own before, so we had absolutely nothing! so it was great for us because it helped us get the basics and some fun stuff. i totally wanted a kitchenaid haha but 3 years later i haven't missed having one.. i don't bake though. i do love my dutch oven (i have a lodge brand one, cheaper and from target, but it's perfect for us) and my vacuum cleaner.. hey, i said we started from the bottom ;)

  3. Michael and I lived together before we were married as well. Although I moved in with nothing but my personal belongings and he'd been running a bachelor pad. So we definitely needed some nice things! I absolutely love the kitchen aid mixer and the vacuum! Those will come in handy! Sounds like your on the right track to just getting some nice, matching, hosting, stuff! I'm drawing a blank on any suggestions! Any outdoor stuff? Folding table/chairs? Tools for Aaron?

  4. The one thing I wish we would have registered for is the kitchen aid mixer!! We basically just registered for things that we wanted to upgrade since we were already living together!! Also, towels...that is one thing I'm so happy we registered for lol!! xo, Baina -BlovedBoston


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