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Friday, December 19, 2014

one // I caved. I know this time of year we are supposed to buy things for others...BUT....these babies that I posted about a couple weeks back are on their way to my door step as we speak!

two // New found favorite makeup products! I was in need of a new concealer the other day while shopping at Ulta, and just happened to grab these two NYX concealers and they are both awesome!! Who would have thought? Awesome coverage for only $5 a piece! I am shade 03 in both.

three // After seeing this image on Biana's blog, I instantly went to the Kohl's website and have these two items sitting in my shopping cart just asking me to hit "Checkout". I've never really shopped at Kohl's, but this adorable LC collection has me reconsidering that!

four // AHS Season 3 just came out on Netflix and I will be binge watching over the holiday break! I just watched the first two seasons about a month ago (2 seasons over like 5 days - I became slightly obsessed). I didn't like season 2 as much as the first, but I've heard season 3 is really good, so I'm excited!

five // One of my favorite parts of this season is hot mulled cider! My dad made it for my Mum's birthday party this past weekend and I had like 4 glasses - it is so delicious!

six // Ahead of the game! I've already got my 2015 planner - this cute Sugar Paper one from Target.

... And lots of funnies for you this Friday!! ...

Or let's be honest, any store really...

Lost it when I saw this one - immediately was sent to my sister and about 5 other people ;)

 Did any one else think this too?? I legitimately feel stupid that I didn't realize this in my whole 26 years...

Smart ass...

 I'm pretty sure Aaron gets this face from me on a regular basis - I have an attitude problem ;)

Wouldn't you just love to have natural shimmer built into your face?...but alas...


Happy Friday ladies!! Can't believe we are only 6 days away from Christmas - I still have SO much to do!!
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friday favorites

Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Friday ladies! I will be so happy in a couple of days...Tuesday to be exact, because the fall semester will be over and I will get three whole weeks off of school before spring semester starts back. Plus, 13 days of those three weeks, I will also be on vacation from work - it is going to be glorious!! ;)

// Favorite Meal
I've been loving lavender tea along with toast with eggs and avocado for breakfast or lunch.
I add a little extra sharp white cheddar to mine :)

// Least Favorite Moment
Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@emiliestorey) know that the other morning we woke up and Deeds face looked like this! :( We rushed her to the hospital - and they are almost positive it was a bad bug bite. Lots of benadryl and a day later - her face was back to normal, but I hated seeing her like this!

// Favorite Snuggles
One of the best times of the day is when this little guy finally calms down and crawls up onto me for snuggles. 
He is such a sweetie! (when he isn't being totally rotten ;)

// Favorite Drink
Love this Luk cider than Aaron got me. I was supposed to drink it with Thanksgiving dinner, but it ended up behind things in the fridge and forgotten about until this week. Was a nice surprise to find though after a couple stressful days!

// Favorite Spot
If you can't find Dexter, chances are he can be found hovering over or laying on top of the heating vent while it's running. He loves his "warms" as we call them :)

// Funnies
And of course, no Friday post would be complete without a few funnies to brighten your day!

A hard lesson to learn...

Notes to mom...these two had me almost crying

I know mine can for sure...

Ah, the days of playing countless hours of Oregon Trail in computer lab. Can you still get the old version anywhere? It would be so fun to play again :)

Have a great weekend!! xx

unique holiday gifts

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yikes!! Slack much?! Life has gotten the best of me and I can't believe I haven't blogged in nearly 3 weeks :( But no worries - I am still here! Just knee deep in finals week at school and scrambling to get all sorts of things done for the holidays like decorating, shopping, wrapping, etc. I tell myself I'm going to be on top of it every year, yet somehow - that never happens and it always is down to the wire :)

There are quite a few people on my list of friends and family that are hard to buy gifts for...I struggle every year to think of things to get them.  My dad is one of the hardest to buy for - he seems to have everything already! Are any of you in the same situation?? 

I've looked around and come up with some great ideas that can work for those "hard to buy for" people on your are some unique gift ideas for when you are stuck!

1// For the Beer-Lover in your life...a personalized wall mounted bottle opener

2// Love the custom iPhone cases from Treat! A perfect gift for anyone on your list, as so many of us now have smartphones. I would love one of these with pictures of my pups :)

3// For the sports fan on your can get framed patents of different sports items from footballs, to helmets, to golf clubs!

4// Custom canvas prints would make anyone on your list smile - turn a photograph you love into a three dimensional work of art for the home. This is a great alternative to a typical framed photo gift!

5// This wooden iPhone alarm clock is a great gift because it's functional, but will also look attractive on anyone's nightstand!

6// The stylish ladies in your life would definitely appreciate this gorgeous personalized clutch purse by Gigi New York - and they come in a huge range of colors, from black and neutrals, to funky brights too!

7// For those that love to entertain and / or cook...what about this unique platter for cheese and crackers? A funky new way to serve your guests!

8// I fell in love with these adorable Scrabble-inspired throw pillows from Etsy. A great decor gift for can get someone's initials, or even spell out names or words with multiple pillows!

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