Weekending ~ Rasta Style

Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Monday ladies! I'm feeling refreshed and ready for this 4-day week after the past weekend :)

On Friday evening, Aaron and I had a date night and head to the LC Pavilion for the Ziggy Marley concert. If you've been a reader of mine for a while, you know my love of reggae and island music, so I was in heaven. It was an amazing show!! We packed a blanket and found a great spot on the lawn, got a couple drinks and settled in.

He can't ever just smile normally for a photo ;)

New vinyl to hang on the wall in our DJ Room
**If you didn't know, we have a dining table in the kitchen bay window and our "formal dining room" is actually set up with turn tables and records ;)

Stole this shot from Ziggy's FB page ...it was posted after the concert.
Aaron and I were somewhere in the upper-center-left area...I would have loved to be right up by the stage to get great pictures, but I wasn't about to standing on concrete all night.
We wanted to sit and relax in the grass. 
Although, once he started playing we were up dancing :)

Saturday - we took Aubrey and her friend to see How to Train Your Dragon 2...but who am I kidding, I wanted to see it just as much as they did. I loved the first one! And I won't even lie...I cried like twice haha! I think it's because the little black dragon reminds me so much of Deedee - personality wise...or I'm just totally ridiculous and cry during any sappy moment of any movie (even if it's a cartoon) ;) 

Sunday - I had a quick meeting for school and then Aaron had a baseball game. It was a rough one...he played really well, but the team as a whole was just so sluggish and basically playing like crap...so they lost 3-0. 

Later that night we head over to Leyla's studio (Dance du Soleil - which I've mentioned a few times before) and Aaron helped Joe, Leyla's husband, move some electronics around. 
I had fun playing photographer since they were in the middle of a photo shoot taking promotional pictures for an upcoming performance in Las Vegas. Joe is a professional photographer, but he had to work on the technical stuff with Aaron, so I took over ha!

Leyla also found this picture that Joe snapped a few months ago when they pulled me into one of their shoots - love my besties!! <3

Hope you all had great weekends - link up with Biana to share!!
I'm sooo happy it's only a 4 day week! Only 3 more days until long weekend bliss! xx

Friday Favorites ~ 6.27.14

Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Friday! It's been a long week and I've been looking forward to this weekend since...well last Sunday evening ;) 

Let's jump right into this week's Friday Favorites...

{1 music}

Anything by Ziggy Marley...
...who Aaron and I just happen to be going to see in concert tonight right after work! Super excited for this...it'll be a great time to just relax, have a couple drinks, and listen to great music :)

{2 drink}

I have re-discovered my love for tea this week...and gone through an entire box of Peppermint Herbal Tea. It is so delicious and perfect pick-me-up in the early morning right when I get to work (I am not a coffee drinker) ...and helps me relax in the evenings before bed. I'm going to have to go pick up some more this weekend! What types of tea do you ladies drink? Although I'm pretty obsessed with the peppermint right now, I'd love some other suggestions!



{3 purchase}

Since Christmas, I have been saving money every paycheck, like a good little girl ;) 
It was actually a New Year's resolution of mine to start to build up some sort of savings...but it's starting to burn a hole in my pocket. 

So what to buy?? Well, I'm desperate need of a new purse - since I haven't had a new one since Christmas of 2012! Sooo, I think I'm going to treat myself to one...but nothing too over the top though. 

I've had my eye on this Michael Kors Jet Set Tote for awhile now, and it's reasonably priced, so that might be the winner! What do you think? Any purses you have that are a great investment and classic pieces to own, but aren't going to break the bank??

Michael Kors Purse

Michael Kors Purse

{4 beauty}

I am in the market for a new foundation and concealer...and possibly new mascara too. I've been a loyal user of Revlon's Color Stay liquid foundation for the past 4 years and I'm getting tired of it. Just want to mix it up and try something new. 

I like med/full coverage, build-able, liquid foundation and liquid concealer with a brightening effect (for those pesky dark under eyes).

I am really interested in the new Bare Minerals and have heard from a couple people that it's pretty great, has anyone tried it??
Bare Minterals Bareskin

As for mascara...I've used L'oreal Carbon Black for as long as I can remember. It's great, but again, I'd like to try something new. I always end up coming back to it though, so maybe I should just stick with it ;) 

What are your foundation, mascara, and concealer suggestions??

{5 funnies}

And of course...have to wrap it up with this week's favorite funnies :)

The struggle is real.

Boob Sweat

While some girls count calories, I'm over here like...

Lord of the Rings gif

Deedee to a T...except not with cheese, but when I have corn, peanut butter, or apples...

Recent Finds ~ F21

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Well, I committed a huge Blogger Fail this weekend...I had a busy couple of days, full of family time, outings, and food...but I forgot to snap any pictures! Not even one. Oops!
My mum and dad brought my Grandma, Uncle, and Aunt up for a visit on Sunday and it was so nice to see all of them! I think it had been at least three years since I had last seen my Aunt and Uncle (they live in Boise, Idaho). We had a quick lunch and Aaron and I took them to Franklin Conservatory for a walk around the park. It was a beautiful day, but got up into the 90s by the time we were out and about...so we stopped at Graeter's for some ice cream before heading home. 

Once we were home, we sat around and chatted for awhile watching the first half of the US v. Portugal game...and then ended the night with dinner at our favorite little Greek place, The Mad Greek. The food was delicious - highly recommended if any of you are ever visiting Columbus! After dinner, they all head back down to Newport (they are spending the rest of the week at my parents house and exploring northern Kentucky and Cincinnati). 

I also wanted to share some of my recent online Forever 21 finds - I have to stay away from this website for a least a month now...every time I log onto it, I end up with a handful of things in my cart within minutes!! But I think $80 for five pieces isn't too shabby!

Floral Cami - I shared an outfit picture with this top in my Friday Favorites, found it on Amanda's lovely blog last week and fell in love! Can't wait to wear it with some wide leg jeans and wedges :)

I also scooped up this $10 floral cami (but in navy with white flowers)...I think it'll look great with some white pants, if I ever get around to buying some!

It's been way too hot to even think about wearing dress pants to work, so I grabbed this taupe pencil skirt to add to my work outfit collection. 

Taupe Pencil Skirt

I just fell in love with the white and blue pattern on this dress! Plus, you can never have enough light weight cotton summer dresses, right? Perfect to just throw on when I need a cute, but quick, outfit!

White and blue dress

And I finally took the romper plunge...I've never had one before, so we will see how much I like them. I imagine just wearing them around the house and yard on the weekends...but who knows? I've never been a big fan of shorts (due to my rather hefty thighs ;) but this romper was just too cute to pass up. 

Tribal romper

If I end up liking the romper...I've already got my eyes on two more! 

black romper
blue romper

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Headed to catch up on weekend and Monday posts now! xx

Friday Favorites ~ 6.20.14

Friday, June 20, 2014

This week has been a long one...mainly because grad school started back up for summer semester, so I am getting back in the grind and have no free time to speak of during the week (and some of the weekend). But these summer courses seem like they might be a bit more laid back than my Spring semester, so that's promising!

Linking up with many fabulous ladies today for the customary list of Friday Favorites!

1. Pictures of Ladybug

Of course, my phone and Facebook feed has been blown up with pictures of this cutie since she was born...just had to share this one because it's too adorable (look at that little smirk!)

2. Long Hair Don't Care

Confession time...I only get my hair cut about once every 6 months. It's so long and doesn't ever get colored so I tend to just put it off, honestly...until it's so bad I have to immediately make an appointment. It's getting to that point and I've been looking for some good hair-inspiration pics to take into my stylist and had these two saved on my computer from awhile ago...thinking something along these lines...

3. Songs of the Week

Love both of these and have been listening to them on repeat...I will never get sick of laid back / beachy / reggae style songs and if this is a preview of what Magic! has to come, I can't wait to hear their new CD!

4. Links & Finds

This perfect summer outfit I stumbled upon...found Amanda Holstein on Instagram and had to follow her blog asap - check it out here!! Immediately went to F21 online and put the floral cami in my shopping cart :)


 Also found this photo on Leah Jenner's IG and fell in love with her dress (damn you Instagram!) ...but, I should have known better. 
Unfortunately, $200 for a maxi dress won't be happening...

5. Family!

My parents are coming up this weekend to spend time with Aaron and I...and they are bringing my Grandma, Uncle Pat and Aunt Jill - who are visiting from Asheville, NC (Gma) and Boise, Idaho (P & J). I haven't seen them in such a long time and I am so excited for their visit! It will be the first time any extended family has come to see our new house! :)

Join in on the Friday Link Ups here!!

Weekending ~ June 14

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Linking up with the lovely Biana for a recap of this past weekend! :)

Friday night was spent relaxing...getting pizza and beer with Aaron...and catching up on a few of our favorite DVR'd shows.

Then on Saturday, I was up bright and early to head up to Akron. I met up with Andrea and took two of her dance classes ~ barre sculpt and belly dance. It felt SO great to be dancing again (I haven't made it too many classes recently due to my grad school schedule) and I am super sore today - she kick our butts!

 Andrea is one of my best friends - and she's actually how I met Abby and Zack...and eventually Aaron! All thanks to her :) She was my dance teacher when I was a young teenager, and I eventually started working for her at her studio all through college and we ended up being the best of friends! Funny how things work out like that! 

Andrea, far left
Me, red shirt in center

After getting cleaned up from dance (we were sweating like crazy - no AC!) we grabbed a quick lunch and went over to Abby's to see the new baby Cohen <3

She is so incredibly perfect...and I just love her so much! I got to hold her most of the time since they know I live out of town and won't get to see her as much as everyone else. I always forget how tiny babies are when they are first born, it always surprises me ;) I just love their little fingers, and soft skin...basically everything about them! 
Cohen was so sweet and relaxed, I could've just held her and stared at her for hours!


Sitting outside since it was such a beautiful day!

My little ladybug <3

Mommy and Baby Smooches :)

I am so happy I got the chance to make it up to see her right away, even if it was for only a short time. I can't wait to go back and visit in a couple of weeks!

On a side note...I also got to spend time with my first fur baby :)
About 6 years ago, Abby and Zack's landlord found abandoned puppies at one of his rental properties, and they took them in order to find them homes. I fell in absolute love with one of the little guys...he looked like a tiny little fluffy bear, and I took him home with me. I fully intended on keeping him, but I found out my landlord at the time had a strict policy against pets (especially dogs) and would evict me if I kept the pup...it was heartbreaking. 

Max as a puppy - the first day he came home with me

But thankfully - Andrea and her husband Mike adopted him! I love that I still get to see his goofy face all the time, and he has such a great home! He still gets so incredibly excited to see me - it's so awesome that even though he was only mine for a couple short weeks all those years ago, he still remembers our little bond <3

We call him Snaggle Tooth sometimes...you can see why ;)

 Anyway...after seeing baby Cohen, I grabbed a quick smoothie with my little sister, Allison...and head back to Columbus.

On Sunday, we started our morning out with a trip to the park with Deeds.
She loves being outside - and is still a bit crazy and excited when we are around other people / kids / dogs...so she stays on the leash most of the time.

After the park, we got ready and head to the baseball field for Aaron's game. Their team won 18-4 and it was a great game, but I was silly and forgot sunscreen...so I got quite a nasty sunburn :(

I didn't get to see my Dad for Father's Day, but he will be coming up next weekend with my mom, Grandma, Aunt Jill and Uncle Pat to visit! Gma, Pat and Jill are all visiting from out of town and want to see our house for the first time! I'm so excited to see all of them :)

And in honor of Father's Day...here are a couple throwbacks...

Always and forever a Daddy's Girl - he is simply the best and I am so incredibly blessed to have him <3

Hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful Father's Day too! xx  

Master Bath Inspiration

Monday, June 16, 2014

Quick side note: I realized this is my 101st post - which means I didn't even realize last week's Friday Favorites was my 100th post on Beauty Blether! I just wanted to say thank you so so much to all the wonderful ladies and friends that read and follow along - I am so lucky to have "met" you all and reading your lovely comments is honestly one of the best parts of my day <3

So, I've mentioned a few times before that Aaron and I live in an old (1890's to be exact) Victorian house that's been remodeled. The third floor is a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom - except the bathroom is currently unfinished.  Now, we don't have to start from scratch, because the previous owner already roughed it in (plumbing, electrical, etc)...we just need to add floors, walls, tile, toilet, sink, and fixtures. There isn't an area for a tub, just a large open shower.

I've been trolling the internet for some inspiration since I am bad a describing what I want when it comes to interior decorating...it's just easier for me to find pictures and work off of them :)

I love white (shocking) and wood, with slate gray and possibly some bamboo...it's hard to describe, I just tell Aaron I want it to look very fresh, clean, modern and have a "spa-like" vibe. Makes sense right?

When we get around to working on this project, it will be tricky - just because their is a double vaulted ceiling. Think upside down V...so it's lucky that I am so short! Aaron doesn't have much head room until you get to the back of the bathroom and the shower opens up since it's in a dormer-like area. But I am excited we get to start from scratch and really make this bathroom exactly what we want / need. 

What are your recommendations? I've already told him I want built in storage for all my "crap" aka hair dryer, curling iron, etc. And I really need a sink with a bit of counter space for make up when I'm getting ready in the morning. An added bonus would be one of those light-up makeup mirrors :) What are the must haves in your bathrooms??
emily kay