Got my eye on you...

Friday, July 26, 2013

A few of the things that are currently on my wish list ;)


A little bit of, shoes, purse, activewear, and home decor.

I actually found the O'neill beach pants in my size online yesterday, which I was very excited about as I thought they were completely sold out everywhere! Needless to say, I ordered them the second I found them.

Since the Zara heels I listed a few weeks ago are sold out (and going for way too much on ebay) I had to find a dupe...and I think I've come pretty close with these Michael Antonio Lovina heels! Found them on Amazon and...added bonus...they are less expensive than the Zara pair.
I love this aztech print sequin skirt from Express...really want to pair it with a cute basic black tank and the Michael Antonio heels for a night out.

Every time I see someone wearing these Nike Pro exercise shorts I think they are super cute and still respectable to exercise in - aka not too short (as are a lot of the shorts seen at the gym - but that's a whole other conversation). I will probably get them in black before any funky colors...but I have some major squatting to do before I ever wear them to the gym!

Since we are very settled into our new home now, I have been starting to think about things I want to fill it with. As I've said before, I love the super clean, modern these decor items are right up my alley. Target actually had a mirrored tray exactly like this one a couple years ago for $40 and I have ALWAYS been annoyed at myself for not buying it. This $89 one from West Elm is the cheapest and closest to it I have found since.

The glass knots are so adorable and funky for only $20! Will most likely get the white. It is my favorite color and if it was more realistic, I would have my entire house white with a few scattared splashes of color. Like a home right out of Dwell magazine :)

And finally, the Alexander Wang Rockie in Acid...only $800...ha! A girl can dream right? ;)

What have you had your eye on??

xx em

Puppy Love

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just thought I'd share a couple pictures of our new baby girl, Deedee...who is quite a handful, but such a sweetheart!

Taking a of her favorite activities!


Taking a nap again (shocking) in my lap <3


Looking stylish on her Martha Stewart pillow (which since has been chewed and washed multiple times) and her favorite Nylabone toy. I wanted to get her a cute collar and tag, but Aaron said no pink and no she has basic black... for now ;)

Just love her!
xx em

battle of the concealers

Monday, July 22, 2013

For the past year or so, I have been using L'oreal's MagicLumi concealer/corrector for my under eye area. While in college I (naively) thought I was lucky since I never had under eye circles or looked to tired, but - surprise! - they showed up once I started working 40 hours a week ;)

This concealer was a pretty good color match for my skin tone, but is the "click" kind where you wind the bottom to push the product out the top. This type of packaging drives me a bit nutty, you never know how many clicks to do, and half the time a ton of product comes spilling out - which is just a waste.


I dealt with the packaging because the concealer seemed to work alright and was decently priced at about $11.00.

But I ran out again about a week ago and decided it was time to find something else. I wasn't happy paying over $10.00 for a concealer that I wasn't loving...and I'm glad I decided to look because what I found was...

e.l.f.'s under eye concealer and highlighter...for $3.00!!

First of all, the packaging is wayyy better. It is much easier to get the amount of product I need with out wasting any due to the wands.

Secondly, I'm loving the actual product. The color is a great match, the coverage is just as good (if not better) than the L'oreal, and the highlighter is an added bonus. I find it has good lasting power and touch-ups throughout the day are also easier with this product.

Finally, the price. I'm pretty excited to have a better product for over $7.00 less. The only thing I will have to see is if it lasts as long as the L'oreal - but I'm pretty sure that it is still worth it, even if I run out a bit more frequently. I'm willing to repurchase more often since the price point is so amazing!


What concealer/under eye illuminators do you use? Any others I should check out?

xx em

4th of july

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I know this is a bit late...but here are some pictures from our 4th of July weekend ;)
On Thursday - we went to fireworks with some close friends.

On Saturday - we went to a cookout with some of our best friends from Akron, Abby and Zack. Their friends live out in the country with tons of rescue animals...include goats!

Aubrey petting the goats and on the rope swing

Aaron and Damian goofing around

Abby and Zack 

 Abby and I - one of my best friends for ten years her so much! 

xx em

our newest little family member

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hello! I'm sorry for the lack of posting the past 2 weeks... I've been so busy and haven't really had my camera with me much to snap pictures.

One thing keeping Aaron and I busy was the puppy hunt :)
We have been endlessly searching Petfinder and the web in search of a rescue pup to adopt! There were a few breeds we were interested in, as we wanted a big breed that is a great family dog, but also a good protector/guard dog.

After a few let downs (puppies that we desperately wanted to meet got adopted, people not returning emails/calls, etc) we went to a little shelter in the country, about an hour outside of Columbus to see a little Doberman mix...and we fell in LOVE.

She came home with us that day!
Meet Deedee, the newest member of our family <3

She was born May 1st, so is a little over 10 weeks old. I can already tell she's gonna be a big girl! We know her mother was a pure bred Doberman, but not sure what the father was...although her traits seem pretty dominantly Doberman.

She is totally relaxed and mellow and we absolutely love her <3 I'll post more pictures soon!

xx Em
emily kay