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Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's been a hard week, jumping back into work and school {and life} after a lovely week off.
I already feel ready for another vacation ;)

I've had a lot on my mind recently and this seems as good a place as any to vent some of it, seeing as I have met so many awesome and supportive ladies here in Blogland!

Do you ever feel like you just want to do better? I feel like this is a constant problem with me.
Work out more, make more money, get better grades, be more organized, get more projects done at home, home-cook healthier meals...

I know many of you have written about it before, how blogs can suck us into this world where everything looks so perfect and you start comparing you life to those on the internet. My house needs to look like Pinterest, my wardrobe and makeup/hair needs to look like the fashion and beauty gurus, I need that purse / top / necklace she blogged about, etc etc...

I get antsy sometimes because there are so many things in life I am working towards and want to accomplish, and it's frustrating they take so long. But, then I try to remind myself that I shouldn't be wishing my life away or wanting to speed up time. It can be hard to live in the "now" these days.

I enjoy my job, but it's not where I want to stay fact, I've gotten most of what I can out of it and I'm feeling ready for a new challenge. Maybe it's time to look for something new? Although that is scary because, of course, that means going outside of this zone I have become so comfortable in. I have pretty high career aspirations, but they can't start to really be achieved until I finish grad school - which will be another 2 years (graduating in August of 2016). That seems so far away to me and it honestly kind of stresses me out every time I start to think about it. 

I've thought the best thing to do might be to set a few small goals, maybe every month or so, and work on accomplishing little things...step-by-step.
{day by day...haha anyone else watch that show in the 90s??}

Ugghh, this post is so long and wordy haha! Sorry for the ramble!! But have any of you ladies dealt with any of this?? I'm open to any words of wisdom or advice you may have :)

my little staycation

Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to the grind today after a lovely 9 days off.

I'm not going to lie, it went wayyy too fast and it was really depressing last night thinking about coming back to work. I really got into my groove while at home the past week - even joking {not really} to Aaron about how I would make an awesome Stay-at-home Emily. Can we just win the lottery already? I've got so many things I want to do, and work is cramping my style ;)

Last weekend started with some baseball games & more'd think I'd learn my lesson by now.

Monday morning, two of my besties came down from Akron - Abby and Alissa. And they brought little ladybug with them! 

 We spent Monday and Tuesday together eating, talking, shopping, etc. It was so much fun and I was so so happy they took the time to come down and stay with me. We went to Discount Fashion Warehouse {read about it here...literally the best part of living in Columbus, and it now has oodles of Victoria's Secret along with the Express items} and the three of us cleaned the place out. Abby and Alissa basically got new wardrobes for under $250 each, and I swiped up quite a few things too... but I'll save that for another post :) And baby Cohen was amazing, I couldn't believe it! She hung in there like a champ with over 6 hours of shopping between the two days, and no fussing!!

Wednesday morning was Aubrey's first day of school. Aaron was out of town on a business trip, so I got my butt up bright and early and hustled over to her new school to take a picture of her. I remember how much fun the first day used to be, and how exciting it was picking out that first day outfit! Anyway, Aaron gets a picture of her every year on the first day, and he is going to make a scrapbook for her when she graduates (adorable!)

Wednesday was also my lazy day. After getting back from Aubrey's school, Deeds and I climbed back into bed and literally watched movies / napped all day long. It was glorious.

Thursday, Aaron came home from out of town and we were so happy to have him home! 
On Friday, we took Aubrey to school and then I took Deeds to her annual exam at the vet. She wasn't super pleased, but loved all the treats she was given...and we left with a clean bill of health :)

I went up to Aaron's work after the vet to grab lunch with him at his favorite Thai place. It was delicious, and I wish he worked closer to home because I would eat there all the time!

Friday night was pizza and movie night...we watched The Other Woman {chosen by Aaron haha!} and it was actually really funny.  Leslie Mann has always been a favorite of mine and she is stellar in this movie - definitely the star.

Saturday was spent at Zoombezi Bay {water park within the Columbus Zoo} and it was SO MUCH FUN! We have been planning this with friends since the end of June and it kept getting postponed due to crappy weather every weekend. But we finally made it and it was a great way to wrap up my vacation!

Oh, and Sunday was made for sleeping in...some tidying of the house...and of course, snuggles <3 <3 <3

friday ~ 8.15.14

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hiya! Happy Friday :) This one is particularly happy for me, as I have next week off!! 
Last day of work for 9 whole days - I can't wait. And no school! 
{hence why I planned it this way - I had limited weeks to work with}

I'm just taking a stay-cation at home, but I have besties coming to visit on Monday...
 ...and then lots of sleeping / exercising /  dance classes / shopping / relaxing to do!

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{ tears }

This was just heartbreaking. Of course I didn't know him personally, but he was just one of those people that I felt like I did...and from the response over the past couple of days, it seems like others felt the same way. Looking through all the pictures and tributes over the past couple of days brought tears to my eyes. 

We also need to look at the bigger picture here... it's pretty clear that society needs to do so much more to talk about, recognize, treat, and support those with mental illness... until no one is afraid to ask for help.

{ funnies }


I almost lost it when I read this one the other day :)

 This will be me for sure after next week!

At the age of 10 - Ricky is already a very wise man...



{ slider contest }

We had our Slider Cookout Contest last weekend and the final products were amazing! And delicious! Aaron and I made a burger with sharp white cheddar, bacon, and granny smith apple slices...salty, sweet, tangy - it was so yummy!

Here's a shot of all the entries...


And our burger ;)
We didn't win the prize, but there was some tough competition, and they were all delicious!

Shameless #selfie from the night of the cookout :)
I promise my lips weren't magenta haha! Thanks a lot toaster filter.

{ sweeties }

This little miss woke her dad up at 5 am the other morning with excited licks to his face...then I found her passed out around 8 am, and she slept for HOURS.

This little peanut!! I die. Just look at that face :)
I get to see her Monday - she's coming to visit me!!

{ perks }

When you work for the College of Food, Ag, and Environmental Sciences...there are some definite work perks. Such as organic farmers bringing you boxes full of gorgeous veggies!

{ best look }

Demi Lovato at the Teen Choice Awards in Moschino.


 { success }

Finally finished my first book of 2014 that wasn't school-related! That's embarassing, I know...I need to read more. It's just so hard to find time when I have to cram in a million articles on marketing, economics, etc etc. Believe me, I'd much rather be reading for pleasure any day.

This book was hilarious - as all of hers are :)
Literally had me laughing out loud quite a few times.

That's way more than five isn't it?? Oh well ;)
 Have a great weekend!! 
Maybe since I have more free time on my hands this coming week I'll be better at getting some posts up! xx


friday ~ 8.8.14

Friday, August 8, 2014

Am I the only one that has been completely exhausted this week? I don't know why, but Friday couldn't come soon enough - this chick is going to bed early tonight and sleeping in tomorrow!

Linking up with tons of fab ladies this Friday...

{ Purchases }

Picked up tons of new basics and neutrals at H&M the other can never have enough!

And a new PJ set from Target - super cute, SUPER soft, and only $20!

{ Lady Bug }

Eep! She is perfect!! <3 

{ Frustrations }

When that one ass hole driver speeds around an entire line of traffic on the highway...

then squeezes themselves in at the last minute basically cutting EVERYONE.
Why does this happen to me multiple times a week and make me want to explode?
YOU KNOW that it goes down to one lane - why be rude??!!

{ Funnies }

Yes. Got the eyebrows down, now just need to work on the booty part ;)

Julia Roberts on Jimmy Kimmel - hilarious - I knew I loved her for a reason :)

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Weekend photo dump

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hiya! This week started out hectic right from the first thing on Monday. My supervisor went to the hospital over the weekend due to a potential heart attack (found out yesterday it wasn't) so she has been out the past few days to rest up! And when she is out, my life is crazy - been going non-stop at work since yesterday, but I wanted to take a quick second to share some photos from the weekend!

Nothing major to report - movie night, bonfire and drinks with friends, shopping, cleaning, etc. Here is a quick Instagram dump! 

{ Follow me @emiliestorey }

{ the perfume collection is simultaneously running low }
Flowerbomb will always be repurchased because it is my favorite fragrance of all time.
But I need some suggestions for other good perfumes to look into! 

{ one of my favorite pieces of decor }
Elephants are my favorite and I've always loved this white china one I got from Target a few years back.

{ his & hers drinks }
IPA for him, Shirley Temple with a splash of Grey Goose for me ;)

{ bonfire }
Another fun night with some of my favorite people! 
Don't ask what happened here, I have no idea ;)

{ supporting local business }
My fabulous neighbor opened a yoga studio around the corner from our house!
I stopped by to pick a t-shirt and will be taking class this week since I have time in the evenings while school is on break.
If you are in the Columbus area, check out OhiYoga!

{ dog looks like a lady }
This little princess is always so proper - case in point, dainty crossed paws.
I'm obsessed with her <3

friday ~ 8.1.14

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hiya lovlies! Hope you all had a good (or at least bearable) week. 
But no worries, it's Friday!  
Linking up with Amanda, Karli, Amy, and Lauren for all my favorite Friday posts :)

1. Favorite Purchase
So, I did a little shopping the other day at H&M (haul post to come soon!) and I got some really cute drapey tank tops for summer. Then, I was at Target the next day and saw these palazzo pants and realized they would be perfect to pair with the tanks and some wedges!
They didn't have my size so I ordered online and I'm waiting for them to show up on my doorstep ;) 

2. Favorite New Site - Fabletics
My tank and capri leggings arrived in the mail, and I have to say - I really like them!
The quality is great and the fit is good too. The items I picked are tight, but that's how I feel like these style of work out items are meant to fit. They will be awesome for dance class :) 
I already wore them once to the gym and they were so comfortable and quite airy and sweat resistant which was nice!

 I got a small in the tank and medium in the pants. I do think that next time I order, I'll get a medium top since my only complaint is the small is a bit snug around my chest. I should've known better, big boobs are impossible to control ;)

Check it out! When you sign up (free) your first outfit can be as low as $25!
PS - It's a bit confusing, but if you sign up to be VIP, like I did, you get the chance to get an outfit each month for $50...which for 2-3 pieces is way cheaper than you'd pay anywhere else. However, you are NOT OBLIGATED to spend $50/month, you just need to remember to log in and skip the month so you don't get charged - it put a nice little reminder on my calendar for the first of every month! 

3. Favorite Moment of the Week
This Wednesday was the last day of summer semester classes! 
Now I have three whole weeks off before starting back for fall semester on Aug 27th.


4. Favorite Song
Every year, there is a song I'll hear that just feels like it's my "summer song".
A couple years ago it was Midnight City (M83)...I can't remember what last year's was...
And this year, it's Waves (Mr. Probz).

5. Favorite Funnies
 True to form, the majority are about food ;)

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