Friday Favorites ~ 7.25.14

Friday, July 25, 2014


// Favorite Funnies

// L'oreal Butterfly Mascara

Posted about it a bit here. Basically it's the best mascara I've ever used - including both drugstore and high-end brands...and it's under $10 (on sale at Ulta for $5)!! Thanks so much for the recommendation Julie :)

// Fabletics
Has anyone heard of this brand? It's activewear (partnered with Kate Hudson) that you order online - they have great deals and I have a friend that said their stuff is great quality! And it's more affordable than your typical exercise wear such as Lululemon. I signed up and put my first order in the other day and I'm excited to get it and test them out! For my first "outfit" I kept it simple and picked a black capri (Salar) and fitted workout tank with built in support (Omemee).


Check out the Fabletics site HERE.

// Cozy Find
I know it's not even close to the winter months yet, but this looks like the perfect little cabin to cozy up in! Complete with gorgeous husky for snuggles.

// Dance Away
Now go off and enjoy your weekend as much as this man enjoys dancing :)

Ulta Haul & Bare Minerals Review

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I had an epiphany the other day. I decided that since I am almost 30 years old...well 26 to be exact {yikes!}, and technically a grown up with a "big girl job" (even though I don't feel like one)...I have reached the point in my life where I am going to focus more on high end makeup and beauty products.

Don't get me wrong, I will still use drugstore products and I do have my trusty favorites that will never change, but I'm no longer going to be scared of paying over $10 for foundation or always thinking I need to find a cheaper drugstore alternative of something. If I want a $30 foundation, I'll buy it :)

This decision occurred while I was at Ulta the other week...I know, of course something this life-changing would occur at such a fabulous place ;) I went in for foundation and ended up picking out quite a few things...

I saw this sitting out and thought everything looked so perfect for a bronzed summer look, plus it was under $40 for almost $100 in product! See below for a detailed look into the little beach bag :)

Waterproof Mascara (perfect for summer)
Magenta Vibe Lip Balm
5-in-1 Cream Shadow in Soft Linen (perfect eyeshadow base)
Riviera Sun Baked Bronze Pigment Eyeshadow
Faux Tan all over face color (aka bronzer)

Magenta Vibe Lip Balm

Bronzer and Eyeshadow Swatches (day light, no flash)

(Foundation $29 and Brush $28)

Ok, I bought this after it was recommended by one of my best friends, Andrea. She has been a makeup artist for years and is very picky, so I always believe her when she finds something she likes. I'll be honest though, I was skeptical at first since I "had to" buy the almost $30 brush and the formula seemed really light (and I like full coverage)...

...but I have to say I am VERY happy with this foundation! It feels light and I do use a few more drops than recommended (because I like fuller coverage), but it is definitely build-able without feeling like you are packing the make up on! 

I was talking to Shelby about it (since she recently purchased it too) and she mentioned that the powder you use to set it really makes the difference, which I totally agree with! This foundation does give a dewy / glowy look to your skin - which is beautiful, but it definitely needs finished off with a nice, light powder set. 

All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase and I honestly think I will be repurchasing once it runs out. Side note: the brush is vital - I wasn't on this bandwagon at first but now that I've used it, I can see why. It's very dense and the light consistency of the foundation needs this dense of a brush to apply properly and not seep down and get lost in the brush.

While browsing around Ulta, I also picked up a few more little things...

You can never have to many pairs of fake eyelashes stocked up ;)

Free Samples: Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter and Bare Minerals Domination Mascara
Gel Eyeliner Brush (Real Techniques)
NYX Dark Brown Gel Eyeliner
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
NXY White Eyeliner Pencil (ps - HATE this)
Magic Lumi Concealer
Prestige Black Eyeliner Pencil
L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara (AMAZING)

If I have to rave about one item, it would be the Butterfly mascara. Hands down BEST drugstore mascara I've ever had! I tried it on a whim...I think they were out of my typical Carbon Black and this had a sales sticker on it...but I'm so happy I grabbed it! It makes my lashes look jet black, and longer than they ever have. I never thought I would like the new rubbery-type mascara wands, but the shape of this does wonders for my lashes! I've already got all my girlfriends to buy it and they love it too!

What are some of your favorite makeup items / brands?? 
I'm always looking for new things to try! xx


Monday, July 21, 2014

Linking up with the lovely Biana and Meghan!

We had another great weekend...keeping it up this summer! Friday night we spent some time with a group of our good friends - it was our friend Mike's birthday, so we head over to Mike and Lisa's house after work. The ladies hung out there with the kids while the guys went out for a few drinks. It was a great time (minus the full vodka drink accidentally dumped into my Michael Kors purse) Maybe it's not the best idea to kick soccer balls around in the house {cough cough AARON} ;)

On Saturday, we met up with the group again at Mike and Lisa's for a cookout. It was originally supposed to be a day all spent together at Zoombezi Bay (a water park here in Columbus) but the weather was really crappy and we all decided we'd rather save it for a really sunny/hot day - since tickets for a family of 4 run to about $100. Not spending that kind of money on a gloomy chilly day at the water park!

After the cookout - we all decided to head to the county fair for a bit...

City girls at the county fair - demolition derby in the background. 
We liked the Dog Jump contest much better! The winner jumped almost 25 ft!! 
(into a big long pool of water) 

I also liked seeing all the farm animals - this little guy was my favorite! of the only reasons you'll catch us at the fair...Funnel Cake.

Needless to say cookout + fair = the diet this weekend wasn't the best ;)

Sunday was spent being L-A-Z-Y.
See evidence below.
Although, this doesn't look in the least bit comfortable!

Date Night Ideas ~ Columbus

Friday, July 18, 2014

A little different direction this Friday ~ favorite date night ideas for the summer!

Now that the weather is nice and the days seem a bit longer, I started thinking of some fun date nights ideas for Aaron and I...different from your typical dinner-out date nights. Plus, since grad school started back up, we don't get to see each other as much during the week and I really like to spend quality time together on the weekends. 

I had the idea to have at least one or two creative date nights a month - and we each take turns planning them for each other :) Here are some of the few I've come up with so far...

1. Art Galleries & Black Creek Bistro (Olde Towne East)

This one is fun because all of these places are right around the corner from us! We pass them all the time, and have lived in our house for 2 years now and still haven't made time for them. It would be fun to walk down the block and look through the galleries, then grab some dinner across the street.

Olde Towne East Art Gallery

Olde Towne East Restaurant

2. Consignment / Antique Shops & Dinner (Short North)

Aaron and I have always loved looking around consignment and antique shops - and there are a couple of really good (high end) ones in a nearby neighborhood that we haven't been to in awhile. I thought it would be fun to walk through them and some little stores in the Short North and then grab dinner at one of our favorite spots, like North Star Cafe or Betty's.

Short North ConsignmentShort North Consignment

Betty's Menu


3. Light Lunch & Outdoor Activity

There is another little cafe near our house that is another place I've always wanted to try, L'Appat Patisserie & Cafe. I thought it would be fun to grab a light lunch there and then head to something like putt putt or the driving range! (Rainy day backup would be bowling ;)

4. Drive-in Movie & Flea Market

About 15 minutes from downtown, there is an old drive in movie theater and flea market - I remember going to drive-ins as a kid and I think it would be so much fun to pop the hatchback open and lay down on a blanket in the trunk with a big tub of popcorn...watching a movie like we used to as kids! :)

5. Laser Tag & Pizza Night (Polaris)

Haha! A little juvenile, but whatever, I think we would have a blast at laser tag :) I'm sure Aaron would be 100x better at it than me (all those hours of Call of Duty finally pay off lol) ...And pizza would be in order for afterwards!

What are some of your fun date night ideas? I'd love to hear what other couples love to do! xx  


Monday, July 14, 2014

Hiya! I am a bit behind on getting the weekend recap up this Monday (since it's already 3 pm) ...but at least I'm getting it up before the end of the week - which, let's face it, has happened a few times ;)

Aaron and I spent most of the weekend up in Akron again, and I'm not complaining because I got to see my little ladybug for the second weekend in a row! Although, the trip up was a nightmare. We were stuck in traffic 5 minutes outside Columbus for almost 2 hours due to a semi-truck accident, so it took almost 4 hours to get up north (instead of the normal 2)! Oh, and to top it all off, all the stop and go made Deeds puke {twice} in the trunk. Did I mention the car is brand new? Sighhhh...

Anyway, we finally got there and I spent Friday night and most of Saturday with Abby and Cohen. Our other bestie, Alissa, hung out Friday and then we went to Andrea's dance class on Saturday morning. Aaron was busy brewing beer for an upcoming camping trip, and he picked me up when he was done. We head back to Columbus (the trip home was MUCH smoother) and had dinner with our friends Leyla, Joe, Leah, and Tyler on Saturday night - so much fun!

Sunday was our neighborhood's historic homes tour, so we walked around visiting tour stops most of the day. It was so much fun seeing inside some of the interesting houses that we pass by all the time - and gave me some good inspiration for some projects on our place! 

And here's the obligatory photo dump...

Home-made organic peppermint sugar scrub - gifted to me from (and made by) Abby!


 Aaron almost died when he saw this basement - this is just one room...there were 4 like this. He had a beer collection that took over 40 years to accumulate! And Aaron's first statement was, "See babe! I'm not the only one who keeps lines up beer bottles!" reference to our kitchen window - which you all know I'm a HUGE fan of (pick up on the heavy sarcasm here).

Barbie Graveyard in someone's backyard! Had us cracking up :)

Friday Favorites ~ 7.11.14

Friday, July 11, 2014

Time for another Friday Favorites Link Up! I missed out last week because of the Friday holiday so I have a bunch of things saved up for this week :)
1. Favorite Show - Ladies of London

I'm obsessed. My mum is British (from Scotland) and I spent 1/2 of my childhood over in the UK, so I completely identify with the way of life! I honestly feel deep down that I'm meant to live in the UK, or somewhere in Europe...maybe one day! ;) 
Side note: I CAN'T STAND Juliet. Someone teach that chick basic manners already! How many people have to tell her she is being rude before she gets it?
Bravo TV

 2. Favorite Outfit 

This is actually an off-shoot of Ladies of London because it was pulled from Marissa Hermer's facebook page (yes, I follow...did you not hear me? I'm obsessed) haha! Love this look she put together! Especially the jeans, white tee, leather jacket, and wedges.

3. Favorite Beauty Item

Went to Ulta this week and picked up the new Bareskin foundation from Bare Minerals (along with many other things)...keep on the lookout for a haul & review post next week!

Bare Minerals foundation

4. Favorite Summer Treat

Has anyone tried these before? They are so delicious, come in tons of different flavors (lemon and grapefruit are my faves) and are only 70 calories! The perfect summer treat!

Outshine Bars

5. Favorite Funnies

Why do most of the funnies I post always seem to be about food? ;)


 Every day...

I am most definitely the latter...
Pay close attention:

Happy weekend my lovelies!! xx 
Link up with these lovely ladies and share your posts!! 
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