friday favorites 3.27

Friday, March 27, 2015

It's been a quick week here in my world - I feel like I haven't had time to get half of the things done that I needed to accomplish! The laundry and dishes are piling up, and Aaron and I are off to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a couple I'm going to have to find the time to squeeze all the cleaning and errands in somewhere. If only the days had a few more hours... ;)

Linking up for the usual five on Friday!

one // dfwh
I had a great time with my good friend Alissa, when she came down last weekend. We went shopping at my favorite store (which I've raved about on here before)...Discount Fashion Warehouse...and found tons of great things for my spring wardrobe! I'll take picture soon and share - just didn't get around to it this week. 

two // favorite app
Speaking of new wardrobe items...have you ladies ever heard of the StyleBook app?? 
So, you remember Cher's wardrobe game on her computer in Clueless?? This reminds me of a modern day version of that! I'm so excited to use it! You take pictures of all of your clothing / shoes / accessories, and then can make outfits, keep track of things you wear the most often, etc. It's going to take some time investment to get everything loaded on there, but I am an OCD organizer at heart and I think it will be so much fun to use! 

three // national puppy day
Any chance I get to celebrate (and take more pictures of) my fur babies, is fine by me! 
I mean, just look at these little faces, finally getting along well enough to snuggle up on the couch together :)

four // song
If you don't know by now - I love any music that is low key and chill...and while Pandora was on the other day, William Fitzsimmon's "So This is Goodbye" came on and I instantly loved it. So, now it's on repeat in my Spotify playlist...take a listen...

five // funnies
Just a couple to make you smile and get you through the rest of this work day ;)

friday favorites 3.20

Friday, March 20, 2015

// inspiration
I've just loved all the reclaimed wood projects and ideas that I've been coming across lately. Have any of you ever attempted a DIY with reclaimed wood? I'd love to make something...just not sure what yet! 

// weekday moment
We made an impromptu trip to TJMaxx on Monday night, and Aaron and I were floored by the sunset while we were driving. Wish I had a proper camera with me and not use the iPhone!

// looking forward to
Can't wait to see this beauty tomorrow morning, bright and early! She is making a special trip down from Akron just to see me, and we have a whole day of shopping, snacking, and gabbing planned - sleepover included :)

// words to live by

// funnies

And sending some birthday love to one of my beautiful blogger friends, Laura! 
Check out her awesome blog, Happily Ever Parker, and wish her a happy birthday! :)

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midweek musings

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

sabo skirt

// One of my besties is coming down from Akron this weekend to visit and we are going to hit up DFWH (Discount Fashion Warehouse) first thing on Saturday for hours of deal-finding...I can't wait! I could literally spend a whole day in this store - it is the hidden treasure of Cbus.

// And don't you forget it ;)

// Love this look that Morgan Stewart (of Rich Kids) posted on IG...bombshell! 

// You all know my obsession with Fixer Upper on HGTV...every episode, they make me pine over having a white brick fireplace. Love the metal cut out sign from this week's episode too!

// Gorgeous kitchen styled by @simplygrove...perfect combo of white with splashes of wood and greenery.

// Beautiful maxi skirt from Sabo Skirt (the Coachella)...making me long for the summer and cute, colorful dresses! 


Monday, March 16, 2015

Is it just me, or does it feel like Friday was just five minutes ago? 

This weekend was a beautiful one! The sun and warmer temps finally made an appearance in central Ohio... so we took full advantage.

Saturday was spent sleeping in (thank you babe! - who watched the dogs so I could get some extra shut eye) and then working out. Followed by a trip to GNC to stock up on protein. The struggle is real ladies...bikini season is like 11 weeks away, gotta get my butt into gear and drop these extra grad school pounds!! I'd love if you would share some of your workout / diet tips with me! I'm always looking for new exercises, recipes, ways to mix it up, etc.

Sunday was spent taking the dogs to the park to run around like banshees - Deedee actually hurt herself a bit {shocker- she seems to always be getting hurt} ...but we think it's just from over-exerting herself after spending all winter cooped up instead. She got too excited to be out! Then we came home for snuggles and gave the cars a quick wash before the sun went down. 

Sometimes, when you are snuggling with your pups - you notice the lighting is perfect and you just have to take a quick #selfie ;)

Hope you all had lovely weekends too! I hated coming into work today, but the sun shining in my window is making it a bit more bearable. xx

friday finds & favorites

Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Friday!
Linking up with the best of the best today for some of my recent finds and favorites...

one //

I was in the market for some new face wash this week, so I scooped up two new ones that I haven't tried before...Aveeno's Brightening Cleanser and Oil of Olay Regenerist Pore Scrub Cleanser.

I'm liking them so far - the Aveeno has an iridescent sheen to it, which I love and my skin has felt amazingly clean and fresh the past couple of nights when I have used it.

Do any of you use these products? What are your favorite night time face/skin products?

two //

Major girl-crushing on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lately! He recent red carpet looks have been stunning, and I love her new chopped bob...makes me want to book a hair appointment! But I have to remind myself how much I hate having short hair - no matter how cute it looks :-/

To top it all off, she is beau'd up with one of my favorite Hollywood men ;)

three //

I found some adorable prints on Etsy this past week - all Doberman themed of course because if you didn't already know... we are dog obsessed at my house ;) 

I'd love to have one of these - the soap company one would be perfect if we ever had the Dog Wash Station that I posted about last week! I would love the one on the bottom right for somewhere in the house too! 

four //

I'm always on the hunt for a good foundation - and I came across some pretty good reviews for Cover Girl & Olay Tone Rehab (2-in-1 Foundation and Serum). I have really dry skin in the winter and I'm wondering if this combo might be the answer to my flaky faced woes! 

Have any of you ladies tried it before?? I'd love to know if it provides a good coverage and dewy finish!

five //

Did you all see this?!?! 

Absolutely genius and hilarious...Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson both walked in Valentino's show during Paris Fashion Week the other day as their Zoolander characters to officially announce Zoolander 2. My friends and I loved that movie in middle school - can't wait to see the sequel!

scenes from the weekend

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hiya ladies - hope you all had a lovely weekend and are getting through this Monday morning rather painlessly...I know that I would have loved to get another couple of hours in bed this morning, but the alarm woke me up at 5:45 am sharp.

This weekend was a nice one, but went by pretty quickly and I didn't get even close to everything accomplished that I wanted too - mainly because Aaron's family came by {from out of town} for a day and a half. We ended up having a movie night and saw Kingsman: The Secret Service, which was actually pretty funny! It was wonderful seeing them, but now I am going to be scrambling to get errands and homework done over the next couple of days.

Anyway...linking up with Biana at B Loved Boston to share a few snaps from the past couple of days! 

  // my first macaroon {raspberry} - so delicious!! Now I understand what all the hype is about ;)

// white tulips I got for Aaron in celebration of some great new things happening for him at work 
{can't get into detail now but will be able to share soon, hopefully!}

// drinks from Friday's date night with our lovely friends, Leyla and Joe - these martinis were dangerous, way too tasty! 

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for the fur babies

Friday, March 6, 2015

I found this cute little basket while I was at Home Goods the other day, and thought it would be perfect for the countless chew toys and bones that were sprawled all over our house. Dexter loves it - Deedee won't go near it...just barks until Dexter will get a toy out for her. Figures. I want to work on teaching them to clean up and put their toys away though! 
{I can dream right?}

Here are five other items that are on my fur baby wish list...

// house sign from Etsy: Address Plaques Plus 
// burlap pillow from Etsy: He She Chic
// names tag from Etsy: Canine Habits
// temurpedic dog bed from Orvis
// leather dog collar from Orion Leather Co.

I also would just LOVE to have a mudroom to renovate with this perfect dog wash station!!

I know a lot of you ladies have dogs {and cats}! What cute pet items do you have in your house??

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Four names that people call me other than my real name:
Babe (by Aaron only)
Pet (by my Scottish mother - every time I call her :) 

Four jobs I’ve had:
Program Assistant - Ohio State (current)
PreK Teacher
Dance Instructor (mainly ballet & jazz - loved this job, miss it terribly)
Cashier - Target (hated, kept that job for only 2 months) 

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
The Goonies
Harry Potter Series
Pride & Prejudice
Rock of Ages (what can I say? Aaron and I love 80s rock music lol)   

Four things in my purse:
Makeup bag
Tide 2 Go
Luna protein bar

Four books I’d recommend:
Harry Potter Series (duh)
A Million Little Pieces
Anything written by Chelsea Handler
Goodnight Uncle Tom  

Four places I’ve lived:
St. Louis, MO
Akron, OH
Columbus, OH
Fife, Scotland (in the summers throughout my whole childhood) 

Four Places I have visited:
Scotland (and England)
The Grand Canyon
Caribbean (Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Bahamas)

 Scotland - my favorite place on Earth / where my heart is <3

The Caribbean - one of the best vacations ever
Bad quality photos because they were taken in 2005 with a POS disposable camera ;)

Arizona / Grand Canyon - most humbled I have ever felt by nature

 Four places/things on my bucket list:
Santorini, Greece
Sight seeing around Europe (Paris, Rome, etc)
Take Aaron to Scotland and visit where I grew up & my family 

Four places I’d rather be right now:
In bed
Dance class
At the movies 
Four things I don’t eat:
Raw fish
Hot sauce

Four of my favorite foods:
Baked brie w/ crusty bread
Cadbury chocolate
Unsweetened ice tea
Queso and chips 

Four TV shows I watch:
Fixer Upper
The Walking Dead
Parks & Rec
The Mindy Project  

Four things I’m looking forward to in 2015:
Finishing another year of grad school (only 8 months left after this year)
Meeting my best friend's first born - she is due in July
Going on a trip with Aaron - maybe Cali or NC?
Boating with our closest friends this summer  
Hope you share some of your "four"! 
I'd love to read them and learn more about each of you! xx

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