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Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Christmas, I got a Victoria's Secret gift card from my parents and I have been hording it until this past week. It is one of my favorite gifts, as I LOVE everything from VS...but, as I was joking with my friend Abby (who is also an avid VS shopper)...I feel like I have to wait for all the stars to align in order to use it ;)

The other day it was not only the Semi-Annual Sale, but there was a free shipping code and an extra 20% off code...I knew it would never get better than that so I had to jump on it and finally use the gift card!

I did get a bra, but the majority of the card was used on bikinis <3
I recently got rid of most of my bathsuit collection as I have lost weight this past year and most of my suits were a couple years old and looking kind of ratty. The only one I kept was my VS Daisy bikini in black.

I bought a grand total of 3 bikinis...2 matching sets and the third I made myself with mix-and-match pieces!

The first matching set is the Gorgeous bikini in Amalfi Blue, which I have had my eye on for a is definitely not the first color I go to when choosing clothing items, but I just loved the way this looked with the bright green accent!

The second matching set is just a simple triangle top with side-tie bottom...both in Neon Hot Pink which I loveee (only the top is pictured in Neon Hot Pink).

Finally, I made my own set with a couple different pieces. When we went to OBX with our friends last summer, Abby had the most adorable bikini bottoms and I had to have them! They are side-tie in a neon coral-pink-orange color with ruffles and ruching in the back (believe the style is called "Cheeky").

I paired them with a white bandeau top and I plan on getting a little pink starfish brooch to pin in the middle to bring the whole suit together ;)

Haven't even gotten to the pool yet this summer because we are so busy every weekend!! I think we are going to try and go this Saturday though, so maybe I'll get to wear one of these new suits :))

Hope you all have a lovely Friday!
xx em

father's day weekend

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Aaron had to go out of town to Dallas for work on Saturday :( but my parents came up from Newport and spent the weekend with me...which was really great because it meant I got to spend Father's Day with my Dad <3 <3 <3

Here are some pictures I snapped over the weekend...

Wearing my new Tom Ford Sunglass (anniversary gift from Aaron)...they are perfect! He does such an amazing job picking out things for me ;)

The next few shots are from the Columbus Museum of Art. We went on Sunday as it is something my Dad really enjoys and I had never been (despite the fact that it is 5 mins from my house). Bonus: it is actually free admission on Sundays!

I took pictures of some of my favorite pieces while we were there.

Amazing Chihuly glass sculpture was displayed in the atrium. I am so fascinated by these! They are blown glass and are one-piece. Can't even begin to think how that is possible.

They did have quite a few pieces by very well known artisits, such as Picasso, Monet, and this little dancer by Degas. Not my favorite thing he has ever done, but since I am a classically trained dancer, I have always felt drawn to his pieces of ballerinas.

My favorite piece all day was in a room with 3D type images and structures made from interesting textures and materials. First of all, I love it because it is my favorite color...white ;) But how amazing is is made from hundreds of layers of paper with the designs cut out of them. I was in awe!

My mom and I also went shopping while they were in town (Dad didn't come with- no surprise there!) I took her to the discount outlet I posted about a couple weeks back, I was SO excited to share it with someone! Needless to say, she loved it :) and we are already talking about when we can go again (this time with my sister too).

I got a gorgeous sleeveless black blouse (Express) which is perfect for work, but also looks awesome with jeans and a pair of black stilettos!

Then, I got a couple t-shirts. I am not the kind of person that can wear a basic fact, I kind of hate them. (Along with sneakers- which should only ever be worn when exercising) haha

I am a very feminine person and for some reason, I just can't stand a boring t-shirt unless I'm at the gym. And even then I don't like them that much.

These are more "my type" of t-shirt...both Express.
Slouchy coral pink and V-neck nautical style with adorable button detail on the sleeves.

I also picked up a new VS bra, a basic white Express tank, and two pairs of workout pants!
All for $66.00 -- I'm in love with this place.

Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day weekend and got to spend some time with your families!
xx em


Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 3rd was my anniversary with Aaron <3
We didn't do anything big, since we just bought a house and have been throwing all of our money into projects and bills. Plus, we are both pretty mellow and enjoy a night at home watching cheesy movies just as much as a night out.

He did surprise me with beautiful yellow roses when I got home from work...

And, as always, he spoiled me with way too much ;) I am very lucky to have a man with amazing fashion sense.

Gorgeous Tom Ford sunglasses (Iris) in black and gold. I was so excited to get these! I have never had a nice, designer pair...I can finally get rid of my $5.00 aviators from Forever21 that are falling apart ;)

Kelsi Dagger espadrille wedges in black - perfect for the summer! I have a few black summer dresses and needed shoes to wear with them. He also got me two other pairs of Kelsi Dagger heels, but they were a bit too small, so we returned them.

Aaron and I met over 2 years ago at a mutal friend's college graduation party. It is actually funny that we never met before then, because we are best friends with all the same people...who are constantly getting together for weddings, picnics, vacations, holidays, etc. Once we were dating, we actually realized that we had been at quite a few events together and never actually met!

But, I think it was meant to be. We met when we were supposed to. And I loved him from the minute we met...what can I say...when you know, you know. He's the best person that has ever come into my life, and I feel so lucky, everyday that I am in love with my best friend<3


xx em

currently lusting after ...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Current items that are on my *wishlist*

Yves Saint Laurent Jane Sandal -- won't be happening anytime soon as these babies are a whopping $795.

But...Zara has a much more affordable and nearly identical version for about $80...much more do-able.

I'm also on the hunt for the perfect basic tanks. I loved these ones pictured below that Lorraine of The Current Custom used to wear all the time. Believe they are Only Hearts, but not sure if they are still available. I liked that they seems to be very high quality fabric with a bit of stretch to them.

While talking about wishlist items...I also have always wanted the Lisa Taubes link chain necklack pictured above. I have the 42" gold one, and never got around to purchasing the silver. Not sure whether I'd prefer the 36" or the 42" one...hmm...

Another item that I've had my eye on for over a year now is one of Emma Ostergren's handmade crochet dresses. Not only are they gorgeous...but they are handmade in Zimbabwe and each purchase contributes to children and families living there <3

The one I want is the knee length dress in white...75 euros which is a little over $100.

Finally, I have been on a major search for a cute, summery white boho top to wear with my bell-bottoms. I LOVE this look that Andee of The Honeybee is wearing...and the top is perfect!

Unfortunately, it is from Forever21 and they sell out of items so quickly! But I've been scanning ebay and F21's site for similar items to pop up ;)

That's all for now! What have you had your eye on??
xx em

lea michele

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I don't know why it took me so long to realize how stunning Lea Michele always looks on the red carpet! For how new and young she is to the celebrity scene, she sure does make some gorgeous style choices. It usually takes up-and-comers awhile to become comfortable in their style and find what works for them on the red carpet, but despite only a few years in the spotlight, she is already a pro!

I love her gown choices for the more upscale events, such as the Golden Globes and SAG Awards. The looks she shows up in are classy and glamourous, sometimes adding a high-slit or low neckline for a little added sex-appeal ;) 

Valentino at Hollywood Foreign Press Golden Globes and Elie Saab at the Golden Globess (both 2013)

Atelier Versace and Oscar de la Renta at SAG 2012 and 2011

 2010 SAG Awards wearing a gorgeous green gown by Catherine Malandrino

But then she has amazing taste in the fun and bright minis... usually worn at the more light-hearted events (such as the Teen Choice Awards).

Dazzling in a hot pink Elie Saab mini at The 2013 People's Choice Awards

 Pink floral Lela Rose dress at 2013 Fox Upfronts and a beachy white Marchesa gown at Fox All Stars in 2011

In a bright yellow number at the Teen Choice Awards in 2009 - love this color on her!

Rocking the LBD at a 2009 Fox All-Stars Event and in a green sequin "leaf" number by Naeem Kahn at the Teen Choice Awards in 2011.

Amazing! She literally looks good ALL of the time :)

xx em


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This past weekend in pictures ;)
Sorry about the picture quality - I forgot my camera, so I had to take pictures with my iphone.

Saturday - Trip to The Brew Kettle in Cleveland so that Aaron and his friend could make their own craft beer. They have done it before, but are super excited about this one...he put a lot of time and effort into coming up with the recipe.
As you can see...I was very helpful ;)

Some of the great eats from the weekend...healthy habits kind of flew out the window! Back to the gym this week!

Hamburger Station sliders (an Akron staple), corned beef and latkes at Rock Fresh, and a turkey/bacon wrap with salad while brewing at The Brew Kettle.

Some adorable-ness ;) Aaron making our friend's daughter giggle like crazy while pretending to eat her seatbelt...

Finally, some awesome tunes (Pandora 80's radio) for the ride back to Columbus - which spurred on some very entertaining car-karoke ;)

And a quick shot of my coral hibiscus tree...we thought it was dying, but I'm happy to say a couple beautiful blooms popped up on Sunday!

xx em

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