Friday Favorites ~ 5.30.14

Friday, May 30, 2014

I can't believe it's already time for Friday Favorites again...yay for 4 day work weeks! :)
Linking up with some lovely {and hilarious} ladies...

... Beauty ...

I got my first professional spray tan last week for Michelle's wedding (this chick wasn't going to be the only pasty pale one in pictures! lol). I went to GLOW in Bexley, which is right near downtown Columbus, and I am SO happy with how it turned out! It was airbrushed on by the owner, Jennifer, who was incredibly professional and helpful.

It was a bit awkward at first...I'll be honest. Hi stranger I just met, here are my boobs! But, I wanted the tan to be all over, with as little tan lines as possible. This was my choice, she said some people go all out (completely naked) and some people choose to keep some clothing/underwear items on. She was so professional though, I got over the embarrassment really quickly and it was no big deal! Plus, when researching places I found out she is an RN, so I figure she's seen it all ;)

I followed her before and after care instructions to a T...and it turned out perfectly! It looked great for Michelle's wedding day and has held up really well. It's a week later today and it's just starting to fade. Absolutely worth $40 if you ask me! I will definitely be going to Jennifer again next time I need a good spray tan!

... Song ...

Absolutely love Coldplay, they are one of my (if not my #1) favorite bands. I think they make some of the best music of our generation and I am so excited to get their new CD this weekend. They are one of the only artists I still by physical CDs for instead of downloading! Do you have any artists you do this for??


... Recipe ...

If you can even call this a recipe ;) I will admit I really don't cook very much so this is often the extent of my culinary skills. But it is my favorite lunch and what I eat basically everyday. Spinach salad, with feta cheese, balsamic dressing, and some combo of fruit and nuts. 

... Movie ...

Is any one else excited to see this?? I think it looks fantastic! I love that Hollywood has been remaking some of the classic fairy tales in a more "adult" way and portraying the dark side of them, which is more true to the original written stories. And I can't wait to see how Angelina portrays the character - I think she will knock it out of the park. She's a great actress (although I will always be Team Jennifer ;)


... Funnies ...

Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets - literally cracks me up every time...I think my favorite from this round is Gary Oldman.

... Warm Fuzzies ...
Another reminder why dogs are just the best creatures in the world...

Have a great weekend!! Aaron and I are headed back up to northern Ohio to celebrate our anniversary this weekend :))

Perfect day for a white wedding

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a lovely long weekend :) Sorry I dropped on the face of the {blog} world for a minute...but I had one of the best weekends, and I'm so sad it's over!

Aaron and I head up to Akron on Friday because this weekend was my best friend, Michelle's wedding! I've mentioned before that I was her maid of honor, so there was a lot to do before the big day on Saturday.

On Friday afternoon, we had the rehearsal and dinner...followed by a girls sleep over at her grandparents house (if you can even call it a house - it's the most amazing place, we each got our own bedroom and bathroom, if that tells you anything!) Michelle and I snuggled up together in one room though - like our old school sleep overs as kids, it was so much fun! I wish I had snapped some pictures, but they were all on other people's phones / cameras, so I'll have to try and get a hold of some...

Saturday, we were up at the crack of dawn to start getting ready. First stop was the salon, second stop was Target and Starbucks ;)


Next, we were off to the church for the ceremony! It went so perfectly, and Michelle looked so beautiful - I swear I almost started crying when the music changed and she started walking down the aisle - I held it together though ;) ...didn't have waterproof mascara on!

Best friends for over 14 years!

My handsome devil ;)


Mum and I
My parents were also there because they have always been like a second family to Michelle.

The beautiful bride! 

Loved our bouquets of roses and gerber daisies.

After the ceremony, it was straight to the reception...

It was crazy because there were so many old friends from high school there! I didn't realize she had invited so many of them!

Dad and I tearing up the dance floor. Bummed that this picture is such bad quality because it's so cute...Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" came on and my dad grabbed my hand and dragged my out to the dance floor - he is so sweet!! Side note: Mum really needs to get rid of her flip phone and upgrade to a smart phone with a camera! ;)

Aaron and I dancing to my all time favorite song..."Over the Rainbow" by IZ.
Michelle played it just for me :)

That's about all the pictures I have right now from the was such a PERFECT day and she was so happy - which made my heart sing. She (and Jeremy - her new husband) deserved an amazing day.

We head back home on Sunday and relaxed before getting to work on the garden on Monday. We worked for like 7 hours straight! It turned out really nicely - it's not quite done yet, but it's getting there! 

My favorites are the new bright purple rhododendron bushes :) 
We need one more though - I under estimated how large that side of the house was!

My task was digging up the rock path and getting all the damn lilies out that keep spreading and coming back every I had to literally dig and pull up leaves and roots at least a foot down into the ground, basically along the entire front of the window --- it took FOREVER and I will scream if I see another lily come up next year!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!! I'm going to head to Bloglovin and catch up on recent blog posts now :))

Killer Looks

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just a quick post today! I have noticed so many gorgeous celebrity looks from events that have happened over the past couple of weeks - just wanted to share some of my favorites!

This dress  is so interesting and amazing....and Blake looks so perfect!

A gorgeous and modern white gown on Cate Blanchett at a recent event in Britain to support the fight against cancer.

Jada rocking a little gold beaded number at Fox Upfronts... I hope I look this amazing when I'm 42 years old!

Sophia Bush looking perfect at NBC Upfronts - love the color of her dress and the pop of lime green in her earrings!

Um, is that you Kesha? The same girl that typically looks a hot mess and once wore trash bags to an awards show? She looks amazing here!!

Not typically a fan of the Kardashians... but for some reason, I just love Kylie's look here! The funky hair, white dress, and her makeup are all on point! 

What are you favorite recent celebrity looks?? 

The weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Why do the weekends just fly by? 
I always think I am going to get some time to relax and catch up on sleep...but it never ends up happening ;) 

We had a busy couple of days working on the house before Aubrey got back from Disney on Saturday! She left a week ago for a fun-filled vacation with Aaron's parents, and had such an amazing time! It was so cool to see how excited she got over everything - and it brought me back to the memories of how much fun I had when I went to Disney as a kid. She brought us some gifts...I got an Ariel mug (best princess of all time because she is a red head AND a mermaid ;) and Aaron got a Grumpy mug (seven dwarfs) --- hilarious and appropriate!

On Sunday, Aaron had his first baseball game of the season. It was super exciting because he hasn't played since college and I know how much he loves it - and how totally excited he is to get back into it. And it was a great game! He had some solid hits and their team (the Mariners) won 15-4!

And...Aubrey and I were ecstatic that the sun came out for the entire game! 
{note the Urban Outfitters sunnies I mentioned in one of my recent posts - the perfect Ray Ban knockoffs for only $15!}

After the game, we worked at bit more on home improvements before getting a quick pizza and catching Game of Thrones. Obviously, the diet has been shot to hell the past few days haha! Oh well, back at it today! Hope you all had lovely weekends! xx

Friday Favorites ~ 5.16.14

Friday, May 16, 2014

Time for another link up on Friday! I always go into the week thinking I have some great posts and things to share, then I blink and it's Friday and I didn't get around to any of I'll do better next week, promise! ;) Until then, here are my Friday Favorites...


 I think I need this $15 Forever21 dress...but don't know which color? Blush, cream, both?

Do any of you lovely ladies use Bath & Body Works wallflowers? I was thinking of getting a couple for my office and house - probably in my favorite scents, eucalyptus spearmint and lavender!


After a quick trip to Ikea last weekend, we updated a few things around the house. How come ever time I go there I want to spend 10 hours and $10k ?? I just love everything they have! It's a good thing the closest one is an hour and a half away.

My "white oasis" bedroom is still a work in progress, but we are slowly getting there with more accent and decor pieces...

Aaron needed another shelf for the DJ room - yes we have a room with turn tables instead of a dining room ;) He was a house DJ years ago and we love having a place to still play records and have him mix. 

Also picked up a big mirror for the downstairs bathroom - necessity. Every single time we had someone over they would ask why there wasn't one in there!


Two of my all time favorite artists/bands have new albums - it's a great month for music! 

Can't wait to get my hands on both of these...they can never do any wrong, so I'm sure they are amazing.

Coldplay "Ghost Stories" is out May 19th

 Ray LaMontagne "Supernova" was released May 6th.


Pizza night at our favorite place around the corner, Yellow Brick...

Sometimes you just need a Shirley Temple ;)

Spur of the moment date night at Dirty Franks...

It is a fantastic hot dog place in downtown Cbus - a definite must have if you are ever in town!


 Yep. Every time.

This made me almost choke on my water - yes, I know...I sometimes have the sense of humor of a 5 year old.

Have a great weekend ladies!!  xx

Friday Favorites ~ 5.9.14

Friday, May 9, 2014

Meet At The Barre

It's Friday! On the outside, I look like a composed business woman, but on the inside I look like this...

Well, no beating around the bush...let's get right into Friday Favorites!!

It's like I have rediscovered Forever21 over the past few weeks. Honestly, it got to the point where I wasn't finding anything and I felt too old to be shopping there anymore...but recently I've been finding things I really like! {disclaimer: online only - won't go in the actual store}
Um...its is obvious that I love white? ;)

 Words of Wisdom
When I saw this the other day, I realized how true it is for me!

Speaking of which...
 This little miss is so excited that its nice enough out to take daily trips to the park! She's being going with Aaron during the day and he sends me these cute pictures while I'm stuck inside my windowless office at work. 

Friday Funnies
This summer-like weather has me jones-ing for some cute summer clothes! Unfortunately, there are about 100 million things that need paid for and taken care of before this chick gets to go on a shopping spree :-/

This cross stitch would make a lovely throw pillow for the house ;)

Operation-Bikini-Bod is in full effect and my junkfood loving ass needs constant motivation and reminders...

When discussing the possibility of camping... - I'm outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios

 And the best over-reaction of all time...

emily kay