wrapping up october

Thursday, October 30, 2014

one // My attempt at home made butternut squash soup (this is a picture during the making, not the final product) It turned out okay...but it still needs some work. The flavor is good, but I thought the consistency was a bit too thick.

two // Fall is for Gingers ;) my perfect color palette.

three // Colder weather brings out the blankets for this pup, who loves to snuggle up and be warm all the time.

four // A rare shot of the two of us together - she barely ever lets me take pictures with her!

five // Beautiful weather this weekend meant lots of time spent outside. Running on Friday, hiking on Saturday, and bike rides on Sunday - all while exploring three different metro parks in Columbus!

six // A+ climber - next up, the rock wall! 

friday finds

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Friday ladies! Joining up to share some of my favorite finds from this week :)

one // slippers
I live in slippers and big cozy socks when the weather cools down, because my feet are ALWAYS cold! 
Love these cute options from H&M.


two // OOTD look
Ran across this outfit post on the blog Magicpoks - I can't read any of the text (since it's all in Finnish) but I love the pictures and love this simple classic look! And it further justifies that I need these Michael Kors sandals in my life...once the weather warms up again! 

three // cardigans 
More love for H&M...they really have some great cool weather finds right now!

four // celeb look
Ummm, she's amazing. That is all.


five // favorite funnies
You know we always have to end the Friday posts with some laughs :)

Our pup does this every morning to Aaron - except it's not wagging her tail, it's licking his face haha!

The threat is real...

This next one is so me...and I'm not even ashamed...
I love finding out what my soul animal is or what Tim Burton character I am, who's with me? ;)

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weekend wrap-up

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

// Getting the stink eye from my furball - she's too cozy to get up.

// Love being outdoors this time of year, especially at Franklin Park Conservatory.

// Need to add a plaid scarf to my fall wardrobe!

// More white room interior inspiration - I can never get enough, this kitchen is to die for.

// Perfect fall walks with Deedee - sporting her favorite sweater of course!

Find it here on Etsy if you're interested! Handmade with your dog's specific measurements and such amazing quality! We need to order a new one, this one is a year old and getting a bit too tight.

// Love all my gifts from my family's recent trip home to Scotland! I was so bummed I wasn't able to go this year...
{not pictured - penny sweeties that didn't last long enough to make it into the shot, aka I ate them}

friday finds

Friday, October 17, 2014

one // recipe
I've been in the mood for soup ever since the weather started to cool down, and I think I will give this Roasted Butternut Squash soup recipe a try this weekend! Seems pretty simple and looks delicious.

two // interior inspo
Just want to snuggle up in this perfect little room! So much white - so you know I love it :)
And I'm totally envious of wood burning fire places this time of year. We have one (two actually, one in living room and one in Aubrey's room) but they aren't functional right now, and can't be until we have them inspected/serviced. Definitely on the to-do list, but not right at the top, so it will have to wait for another year... 

three // new blogs
Found some new lovely ladies to follow this week and thought I would share!
Both mainly beauty and fashion-related, with gorgeous outfits and great style.

Cella Jane

Lilly Style

four // app love
I was pointed in the direction of this app by a friend and I'm loving it!
Many of you probably already use it or have heard of it... I have a feeling I am late to the party on this one...but it's great so far and really helps me keep on track with healthy eating and monitoring my exercise.

five // funnies
Just some quick funnies to make you giggle this Friday morning!

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fall fashion

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hiya xx
Just popping on here today to share some of my favorite fall looks that I have come across while trolling my favorite blogs the past couple of weeks. My wish list for warm weather items is already a mile long!

Nearly bought this white Tahari wrap coat (Marla) from Macy's last weekend when they had a sale, bringing it down to $270 - but I hesitated, and now it's back up to $400. Fail. Next time I'll act faster!

Love the Marla in burgundy too! Especially paired with skinny jeans...
Both images via Brooklyn Blonde

I've been in search of the perfect brown leather boots for awhile now. I am determined to find some this season. These gorgeous Frye boots on Rebecca from Cella Jane are so perfect!

Loving this Anne Taylor jacket on Lilly from Lilly Style - so bummed it's sold out! I would love to recreate this jacket / striped top / skinny jeans combo, such a classic look!

What are some of your favorite fall fashions and must-have warm weather staples?? 


loving lately

Friday, October 10, 2014

1 // Hemp & Honey + - great new product line introduced to me by a friend at work...really loving the Tea Tree & Black Pepper Scent.

2 // Marshalls Abroad - one of my new favorite blogs and Instagram accounts, go check out Amanda's gorgeous family, photos, and recipes!

3 // No-bake Nutella Energy Bites - came across this delicious looking recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Love and Bellinis...definitely going to have to try these out soon!

4 // Hot Cider - one of the best fall drinks. I love apple cider, but hot wassail is my favorite.

5 // Express Sweater - have you ever had a clothing item you got rid of, then ages later you see a picture of yourself wearing it or you remember it and think "why did I ever get rid of that?"...maybe I'm crazy, but it seems to happen to me all the time. Thank God for eBay right? Found exactly the sweater I was looking for in less than 5 minutes, and 5 days later it arrived on my doorstep :)

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