crochet pencil skirt

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Have you ever pictured a clothing item in your head, but can't find exactly what you are looking for anywhere?? This happened to me the other week with the ever-elusive crochet pencil skirt ;)

It all started when I was scrolling Instagram one day and saw @jesssouthern post a picture wearing the cutest spring outfit...observe...

(ps...if you know Jessie James Decker, this is one of her good friends and her makeup artist - go follow her immediately, she is gorgeous and hilarious)

 Anyway...after I saw this picture I became obsessed with creating my own version of this cute denim/crochet combo! I knew in my head exactly what I was looking for, but it proved to be harder to find than I thought it would be! 

white skirt

I was looking for an off-white crochet pattern (leaves/flowers) that was a pencil skirt style and could be worn high-waisted...that way I could wear a cute chambray button up and tuck it in or knot tie it in the front. There were cute ones all over the internet, but all sold out! Literally every time I thought I'd found one that worked, they would be completely out of stock! Even the ones I could find were only left in XS...came in the wrong color...or were mini skirts instead of midi. 

This Forever 21 option would have been perfect...and was only like $22...but alas, it was sold out.

Forever 21 white skirt

Finally, I stumbled upon this Bobeau skirt on Dillard's website. I can't even remember the last time I bought something from Dilliards...maybe 9th grade?!

Dillards crochet skirt

The second I realized they had it in my size and the color I wanted, I ordered it right away! (It is lighter in person than pictured - more off white rather than beige *see below) 

It just arrived yesterday and is PERFECT...and I already have the denim top, so now I just need an occasion to put my little outfit combo together and share with you all! xx 

white crochet skirt

f21 finds & more

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

f21 maxi dress

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post - just needed to take a little step back from the blog world while I finished up this semester! But I'm back and wanted to share some of the things I've picked up recently...4 from Forever 21 and one from a IG sale.

I honestly thought I had come to the age where I would no longer shop at Forever 21...when I was in the store a couple years ago I felt super uncomfortable with the atmosphere and noticed I was surrounded by tweens...thinking "OK Emily, the time has're done shopping here". But, I've come to find that even though I'm not going to go in the store anymore, I'm okay with still scooping up a few things from their online store from time to time (especially with the addition of their more mature/contemporary line, Love 21).

So here is my latest F21 haul...which should be arriving at my house by this Friday. I found myself drawn to a lot of bohemian-inspired items, maybe all those IG pictures of Cochella the past couple weeks have rubbed off on me?!  

// Open shoulder floral blouse ($19.90)

// Layered southwestern print dress (a STEAL for $15.00!) **also comes in a bright blue color

// Matte earring threader set ($4.90)

// Y-back cami ($5.90) ** also comes in black and white

The final item that I bought recently is actually from a flash sale put on by Jensie from Her Lovely Style...check out her Instagram account here! She does auction-style IG sales from time to time that are fun to shop! I'm excited to wear this over-sized slouch camo tee with some skinny jeans and big gold hoops ;)

What new items have you ladies picked up recently? xx

midweek musings

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hi ladies! Well, I missed a Monday weekend re-cap because I have been home sick the past two days with a nasty sinus infection. I was feeling a bit sick last week, but I like to try and fight things of before going to the doctor - - turns out my body just wasn't having it, and it got worse over the weekend, which put me in the urgent care office Monday morning :-/ 

It was kind of nice to get a couple extra days to rest at home though, and after 48 hours of antibiotics, I am feeling like a new woman! 

Here are some snaps from the past few days...

Road Trip to Pittsburgh over the weekend...such a cool city! These pictures were taken at a lookout deck on Mount Washington.

Good makeup and hair days have to be documented ;)

Found some of the first pictures we ever took of my bubby Dexter the other day - look how tiny he was!
Top right and bottom left were when he was just 8 weeks old <3 <3 <3
Top left and bottom right are my stinky boy these days at 6 months old!

My #1 girl kept me company these past two sick days with lots of snuggles!! 
(Excuse the no makeup - I literally didn't give two shits because I felt awful and barely left the house haha!)

Hope you are all having a great week so far - I feel weird starting the work week on a Wednesday, but at least it's now only 2 days until the weekend! xx 
emily kay