Home Decor Wish List

Thursday, August 29, 2013

home decor and more...

Just a few things I have been wanting for my home recently :)

1. Aaron and I love playing board games with our friends, and Cards Against Humanity sounds like a blast!

2. I ended up purchasing two of the satin H&M pillow covers for our bedroom...I'll take pictures later though because I am planning on getting a whole new bedding set and re-doing the bedroom a bit...hopefully soon!

3. I have always loved having Buddha statues in my home as they are meant to bring good fortune and happiness, and I've fallen in love with this particular one, which is Bhaisajyaguru - Medicine Buddha...meant to bring healing and positive karma.

4. I saw this silver cattle head (faux) on etsy and just though it was so bizarre and interesting! I love mixing metal pieces in my decor, so I might keep this is mind for somewhere on my walls...although Aaron will absolutely hate it ;)

5. Love the Crystal Head vodka bottles!! While vodka is my drink of choice...I want this purely for decor purposes...think it will look so cool in my kitchen or on a mini bar! Fun fact: this additive-free vodka was conceived and founded by actor Dan Aykroyd (Blues Brothers and Ghost Busters).

6. This Bath & Body Works candle will ALWAYS be in my home. I feel like I need to stockpile them just in case they ever stop making it! It is my all-time favorite scent - Euycalyptus Spearmint - and is so fresh and relaxing. Plus, the scent payoff is amazing...burn a 3-wick for 10-20 minutes and the scent will spead through the whole house!

7. I started watching the Pixiwoo sisters ages ago on Youtube, before they were well-known, and I have always been interested in trying out their makeup brush line! Only heard good things...have any of you tried them before??

8. Gold side-ways cross necklace...I'm a little late jumping on this bandwagon, but it's dainty and simple, just the way I like jewelry!!

9. Finally (sighh this is a long post!) Muji acrylic makeup drawers! I NEED these for my makeup organization. They are so modern and simple and will be ordered as soon as they are back in stock on the website! ;)

Weekend Wrap-up

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well, it's already Wednesday, so it's probably about time for me to get around to posting pictures from the past weekend!

Aaron and I had a nice, relaxing weekend - which mainly consisted of catching up on a show we love (Wilfred) and a new show he discovered (Under the Dome). We did get out the house a bit though... ;)

On Saturday morning, we had brunch at Bodega, a local gastropub and it was delicious! I know the owners through the school I used to teach at (their son was in my class - just happend to be my favorite student...shh ;) and I still babysit him from time to time...so I thought it was finally time we checked the place out.

For a starter, I ordered a cup of the soup of the day, which was She-Crab...and it was amazing. It isn't something I would normally order, but I decided to step outside of my comfort zone...and I'm so glad I did.
Best soup I've had in a long time!  

I also got the "Unsimple Green" Salad - which consisted of romaine and arugula, topped with green beans, pisachios, green grapes, and green onions (the "greenest" meal I've eaten in ages!)

That afternoon, we took Deedee to the dog park for the first time! She was super shy and scared at first, but eventually warmed up and starting playing with the other pups. She seemed to have such a great time that we went back Sunday and Monday too. It definitely helps get her extra evening energy out and help her calm down. We have been noticing that she gets really hyper around 9-10 pm at night ... even if we take a long walk and spend time playing outside.

Has/does this happen with any of your pups??

My loves (I joked with Aaron that they matched) <3

Hiding out under the picnic table took up a lot of the time on her first visit, but the second and third trips went much better!

I snapped a couple pictures of my outfit/hair on Sunday because I am very proud of myself for finally getting the sock bun to work! Hahaha...

I bought the little donut over a month ago and tried a million times to get it to work, but honestly gave up for awhile. I have so much hair - it is halfway down my back (as you can see in the pics above) and is super thick, so I figured I was just never going to be able to get a sock bun to work. But...I gave it one last shot on Sunday and got it the first try! It's not perfect, but oh well, close enough! ;)

(Earrings from F21 and sweater from Express)

Hope you all are having a lovely week!!

Style Crush

Friday, August 23, 2013

I have a major woman-crush on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
Not only is she gorgeous...her style is flawless!

When it comes to the red carpet... 

Or her street style...

How is it possible to always look so stylish and put-together, while also looking like "I didn't try too hard"?? Oh, NBD, I just roll out of bed this good looking...pssh! I wish.

And not to mention, she is coupled-up with one of the two hottest men in Hollywood...
(the other being Jason Momoa) ;)

Who is your style crush??

A bit of this and that

Monday, August 19, 2013

Didn't get a chance to take pictures this weekend, but you aren't missing out because we really didn't do much except clean ;) So I thought I'd post a couple of things on my mind & things I've come across this past week!

I need to learn how to do this with my hair. Seems so easy...just curl, tease and then bobby pin... why do I have such a hard time with it??

How amazing does Christina look in this recent sighting?

Bought this about a month ago and really need to start reading it! She is just hilarious and I love her show, so I'm sure I will love this too ;)

THIS speech that Ashton Kutcher gave at the Teen Choice Awards. I didn't watch the awards show (as I am not a 13 year old), but I heard about it and had to look it up online. What an awesome message...an ACTUAL role model for kids during a time when the media is full of individuals who kids really shouldn't be looking up to.

And of course, I have to include a quick shot of the little girl - who has now managed to claim the big couch at home... how spoiled (how can we say no to that little face??)

xx Hope you all had a relaxing weekend!!

Weekend Wishlist

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Friday!! Thank goodness, because this work week has felt like is was 20 days long, not 5.
 I have a lot on my "to do" list for this weekend, but we will see how much of it actually gets done ;)

{ORDER} I am so excited football season is here! We watched the first Browns pre-season game last night... and I can't wait until it gets a bit cooler and I can spend Sundays snuggled up on the couch with Aaron, eating a bowl of his famous chilli, watching the games. It's one of my favorite things about fall! Saw this t-shirt the other day and I'm thinking I need to add it to my collection of Browns-wear ;)

 {FIND} I love delicate jewelry, and I have been looking for the perfect pair of teardrop clover earrings and/or clover necklace, for a while now. I found these two pairs on Etsy...and while they are very pretty, I know exactly what I am looking for, but I just can't find it. Does that ever happen to you? I'm feeling like it might be time to just visit the craft store and find a way to make them myself!

{GYM} I did not do a good job at getting to the gym this week, so it is at the top of my list for the weekend! Maybe if I do enough crunches I can pull off a crop top & high-waisted skirt combo like these gorgeous ladies!
I just LOVE these two looks!
See Cath's entire outfit post here...Cath in the City

{ORGANIZE} My closet and dresser are in need of a sweep - I have been itching to go through all my "stuff" and get rid of everything I don't wear/use anymore! This happens to me a couple times a year...wardrobe overhaul!
Quite a bit of shopping and re-stocking usually follows ;)
(PS - recognize this famous closet? Not mine, but wish it was!!)

 {PUPPY} Last, but not least...Deedee has her final round of shots today...which means she can finally go on walks and play with other dogs! She is going to be so excited - not about being on a leash, (haha!) - but to go somewhere besides the backyard. And to have playmates that actually play back and don't swat/hiss at her (i.e. our grumpy cat, Hazel - who has absolutely no interest in playing whatsoever).

Side note- please ignore the ugly & barren backyard...that is on the list of major home projects for next year ;)

What are your plans this weekend??
emily kay