Friday, February 23, 2018

Universal Thread

Universal Thread Target

I don't know what planet I have been living on...but I had no idea about Target's new line - Universal Thread - until I was wandering through one of their stores the other day. 

I was there to buy tampons and an umbrella, but in true Target fashion, I wound up leaving with much more than I planned...

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Marin // 7-8 months

My little bird turned 9 months old this past weekend. 

The months are seriously just flying by, and I can't believe we are only three short months away from her being A YEAR old! It really is crazy. 

I'm loving this age - she is so loving and sweet, and it is so much fun watching her learn and master things. I love seeing her personality start to come through too! She loves being silly, especially with her Daddy. 

Marin is definitely determined and stubborn too - a trait she got from both me and my husband. Not surprising to us, she starting walking two days after she turned 8 months old. I knew from the get go that it would happen early, she has wanted to be up and on the move from day one! 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Roundup

Happy Friday, friends!

My husband sent me the picture above this week while I was at work, and I couldn't stop laughing. He managed to get an angle that made Marin look like she was drinking a bottle the size of her whole body :)

This weekend we have plans to do a bit more cleaning out around the house. We are still in the process of decluttering and getting rid of things - with the end goal of downsizing before we list our house and move. I also want to start reading my book for February and take time to do some much needed skin care - maybe a mask or something? My skin has been feeling SO dry this week. 

Below, I'm sharing some of my favorite links and things from around the internet this week - keep reading to check them out! 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs Beauty

After Christmas, I had a Sephora gift card to this Marc Jacobs Beauty eye shadow palette finally made its way into my makeup collection. I was intrigued after learning that Marc Jacobs Beauty is cruelty free and after seeing this palette ("Glambition") used in a video tutorial of Claire's

I figured that MJ's cosmetic line would be high quality - and I am not disappointed! From the moment I opened it up, I was impressed. The packaging, the color range, the formula of the eye shadows...I am loving it all!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Gift of Goddess Skin

Charlotte Tilbury skin care

One of the things I have wanted to try for awhile now is Charlotte Tilbury skin care. I love so many items from her cosmetic line, and am well aware of the rave reviews that accompany so many of her skin care products - but where to start? I wasn't sure which item I wanted to try first. The Magic Cream? Wonder Glow? There are so many options.

Now this brand does come with some steep prices, but they have always been well worth my hard earned dollars - in my opinion - since the quality and performance of the products is stellar. However, I was so happy to find that Charlotte offers different skin care kits - where you can get travel sized versions of her popular products!