Five on Friday ~ 2.28.14

Friday, February 28, 2014

This week has just flown by! I feel like it was just Monday...not that I'm complaining that it's already the weekend ;) For the link up this Friday, I've pulled together some of the things I stumbled upon this week...

This a time where most of the things we see and read about are shocking / depressing, it is so refreshing to read stories like this that restore your faith in humanity. #10, 19, and 28 nearly had me in tears <3

These amazing paper creations...what a creative talent!! Plus, the model is fabulous ;)

Not in the least bit shocked to hear about this after his recent behavior. 

After getting back into watching old episodes of SATC, I'm loving this diagram I found of Carrie's apartment - every girl's dream NYC living space.

Finally, I've been lusting after a green cargo / utility jacket after seeing so many images of them recently...hopefully will be an addition to my wardrobe soon! 

As always, thanks for stopping by...have a fabulous weekend ladies!! xo

Better Late Than Never!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekend re-cap coming in a bit late this week ;)

The past few days have been a whirlwind...I was up in my hometown for a funeral and spent time with friends and family....then rushed back to Columbus for midterms on Monday and Tuesday (studying in the car is no bueno)...but now they are over and I can relax for a minute! But only a minute because classes start back again on Tuesday and I have homework & readings that need done. Sighhh

Despite the heartwrenching reason for being up in Akron, it was honestly nice to all spend time together. My best friends and I don't get to see each other much since I live 2 hours away and everyone has crazy schedules and kids to work around.

A few years ago we all worked together at a dance studio (owned by one of the group) and literally spent 6 days a week together, hours on end every day. We all also lived within walking distance of each other. They were some of the best years of my life, and even though I love where my life has taken me, I do miss them sometimes.

My friend Andrea (who owned the dance studio) found this picture of the four of us. It is a perfect reminder of my favorite summer nights with them. I lived in an apartment where you could climb out a window onto the roof, so they would all come over and we would lay out on the roof on warm summer nights with a bottle (or 5) of wine, just talking, listening to music, and laughing our butts off. They are my soulmates :)
On Saturday, Aaron snapped the cutest picture of Deedee, so I just had to share it :)
She fell asleep while sitting up against a chair at his parent's house - which was hilarious. It seems like the only time we can get good pictures of her is when she is sleeping! 

Finally, I reorganized some of my drawers late on Sunday. I moved all the makeup out of them and into my training case (Sephora) to free up more drawers for bathing suits, socks, etc. I'm just going to keep all my makeup in the trianing case until our master bathroom gets finished and / or I order the Muji acrylic organizing drawers I mentioned awhile back.

I get to work from home tomorrow - which I am very excited about :) PJs all day!!

Hope all you lovely ladies are having a good week! We're half way to the weekend!

Five on Friday ~ 2.21.14

Friday, February 21, 2014

(1) Winter still isn't over. UGH.
I find myself channeling summer and craving sunshine...this week has been full of "Beach Radio" during work and hot pink finger/toe nails. And I am so pale and sun deprived that I am about 5 seconds away from hopping in a tanning bed for a couple minutes of UV glory (awful, I know!)

I'll take a one way ticket to here please...

(2) On a more positive note - I am super proud of how well I've done with one of my New Year's resolutions so far! I've been saving every week and even put in a little extra. Now, if I am able to hit my savings goal by the end of the year I think I'm going to treat myself to a little purchase ;) Not sure what yet but here are a couple things that are on my mind...although it's months away so I'm sure my mind will change by then!

 (3) Luna Bars are saving my life during the week! I have class a couple nights a week from 6-9:15 pm, which totally messes up my eating routine since I have to eat dinner super early before class. Problem is, then I am hungry again around like 8 pm...

I really don't like to eat that late, but I've been stocking up on protein bars and throwing one in my purse for school nights to curb the hunger. I've been loving these Luna ones - pretty tasty for under 200 calories ;)

(4) H&M Online

It is dangerous for me to get on this site ever since they lauched their online store! It was safe before because while I could browse through everything, you couldn't order...but now I get sucked into their deals and end up with items in my cart every time!

This cardigan was on flash sale for $12 last week (down from $25) which just seemed way too good of a deal to pass up - right?!

I already have a heather grey boyfriend cardigan, so I got this one in the darker "purple-y" color.
And while your at it - you have to pick up a pair of $5 aviators too! Need something until I get around to buying the Ray Bans ;)

(5) Finally, this week has been a rough one on a personal level. One of my best friend's mum has been battling pancreatic cancer since last summer and over the past week it took a drastic turn for the worse. It is crazy how fast things can just spiral downhill - a month ago she was getting treatment and showing some promise...and this week she is was moved to hospice, not expected to make it more than a couple days. She eneded up passing very early on Wednesday morning. It is so heartbreaking, and hard to see someone you love go experience their worst nightmare.

It has really made me put my own stressors and battles into perspective. I hadn't shared this yet, but Aaron's company did some major downsizing and he was laid off at the end of January. It has been really stressful and scary while he looks for work and I'm the only one briging income in. But, this week has made me step back and realize how blessed I am...I have my family and my health, and all the ones I love are healthy, and that is what is most important. Everything else is just temporary and can be dealt with.


Weekend Wrap-Up

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day <3

We were super low-key, didn't even do gifts (choice made together weeks ago) but we did exchange cards and candy - the two most imporant things to me anyway! ;)

Aaron knows the key to my heart -- Mini Eggs. Well-played sir.

Cutest thing - my mum still sends me holiday cards, and they always have $20 inside.
So adorable - just love her!!

I forgot to share on actual Valentine's Day, but here is my handsome Valentine.
I am so lucky to have such a strong, smart, and supportive man!
He truly is my best friend and always knows how to make me laugh, even if it involves being a total goof and making a fool of himself ;)

And we spent a lot of time doing what weekends are made for...

1) Drinking

This sneakly little number is vodka lemonade with some blackberries - yum!

2) Napping/snuggling ;)

Sorry for the quick post - know it's short & sweet...I have midterms at the beginning of next week and all the homework/studying has been occupying most of my free time!

Glossy Blonde

Before there was Pinterest...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day! <3 <3 <3

It's been a crazy week...I fell off the blogging map for a minute, but I'm back! :)
I was sick Monday and Tuesday, then had to play catch up at work and school on Wednesday and Thursday...
Sometimes blogging just has to take a back seat to the rest of life.

Linking up for Five on Friday today with something a little different!
When I was in undergrad, I had a Tumblr's been years since I used it, but I stumbled upon it the other day and forgot about all the pictures I put up. It reminds me of the same idea as Pinterest, but before Pinterest existed. At least that's what I used Tumblr for...things/people/places/images that inspired me.

(1) The cutest apartment I've ever seen...

(2) Favorite Actresses...

One of my absolute favorites, I have all her movies - miss her :'(

(3) Favorite building/architect - on my bucket list of places to visit!
The Guggenheim Museam in Bilbao, Spain
Designed by Frank Gehry

(4) Little salt & pepper sets by Jonathan Adler...

(5) Makeup looks that inspire me...
Would love to try some of these out one day!

Do any of you ladies have a Tumblr account? I'm happy I found mine because all these images I love were easy to find again since they were all "stored" in the same place!

Have a great weekend loves! xx


Five on Friday ~ 2.7.14

Friday, February 7, 2014

I love posts where I get to learn more about the ladies behind my favorite blogs, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do an "About Me" post for this version of Five on Friday!

(1) My favorite color is white. If it was realistic (which it totally isn't - especially with a dog), I would decorate my entire house like a white modern photo you see in Dwell magazine with barely anything out - I love the minimalist look.


(2) My dad is American and my mum is Scottish. Because of this, and a random law that existed the year I was born, I have dual citizenship with both countries. I'd love to get a Scottish passport one day, but apparently it's quite expensive, so that will have to wait for now.

(3) I have a younger sister named Allison. We are complete opposites, but the best of friends.  This makes me so happy because there was a time (during my early college years) when we did not get along at all and barely spoke. I am the typical first-child, business-minded, MBA seeking...and she is the amazing artist, who is getting her masters in Art History (focus on modern art) AND once shaved her head to get a tattoo on her skull. Haha - I told you, total opposites.

Throwbacks! (wayy back)

(4) The love of my life is 11 years older than me.
Actually, apart from my 2 best friends from highschool, all of my closets friends are between 5-20 years older than me - I've always been a old soul.

(5) I have a tiny nose piercing that I got when I was 19 years old. I don't regret it at all and I want to keep it in forever :) But it hurt so badly that if it ever closed up, I don't think I'd re-pierce it. I've had it so long now that I think I look weird without it in.

Well, I think that's enough for now! Hope you all have a relaxing weekend! xx

Low-Key Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day

I have never really been that into Valentine's Day...we always get each other something, but since it's a Hallmark holiday, we never over-do it. I would rather go all out for birthdays and our anniversary and keep it low-key for Valentine's Day. 

Here are some budget-friendly, low-key ideas for a romantic and cozy Valentine's Day with your special someone!

For Her

Beauty items are quite inexpensive and always appreciated :)

There are many options for thoughtful, but low-budget jewelry - Etsy is a great place to look, you can find unique pieces for as low as $20-40 (I found the cute "XO" sweater on Etsy too!)...and these gorgeous crystal Windsor Store earrings are only $10!

I know that I would be tickled pink to just get a bottle of wine and some of my favorite candy!

For Him

I sound like a broken record...but these adorable Nintendo cufflinks are from... you guessed it, Etsy ;)

A nice shaving brush and cream can be a thoughtful (and useful) gift for under $50.

If your man likes to hit the gym, this Belkin iPhone armband is under $30 and great for listening to music while working out!

This year, I will most likely get Aaron a 6 pack or growler of his favorite craft beer - such a simple gift, but it is something that he will absolutely love...I think it's best sometimes to just keep it simple instead of going overboard.

Another thing we will be doing this February 14th is staying in, and having a movie night - one of our favorite things to do together! Light some candles and snuggle up with a glass of wine, pizza and popcorn... it is way more cost-effective than going out, and can be just as fun and romantic ;)

What are your plans for this Valentine's Day??

Weekend Photo Dump

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Monday ladies! (Is it the weekend yet?)
I am already exhausted and it's only Monday morning...sighhh

Thought I'd do a quick photo dump from the weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you might recognize some of these ;) Are any of you on IG? I love it and I am always looking for new people to follow!
Find me @emiliestorey

Bad hair days meant sporting the old college baseball cap from years ago (University of Akron). My best friend and I bought these for the one football game we ever attended during undergrad :)

Found the next collar I want to get Deedee! It's spiked (= badass) but also pink, since she's a lady ;)
Maybe it will make her look a bit more tough to make up for the fact that she's a giant scaredy-cat.
Not purchasing yet though, as she has just been outgrowing everything I get her within a month or so...she will get this one when she's full grown.

Speaking of the little devil...
I don't know if I mentioned it, but she got her cast off the other week and is feeling much better! Still a bit timid on her hurt leg (she holds it up sometimes) but she's starting to trust it more and more. We are still super careful around her though, because the last thing I want to happen is for her to re-injure it!!
On another note, it is SO hard to get a decent picture - she hates when I have the camera on her and will do anything BUT look at the only way to get even close to a good one is to hold a small treat right by the camera...which explains why she is staring so intensely in these pics - haha

The most wonderful time of year has arrived
{Hallelujah chorus starts playing}
My all-time favorite candy, which only comes out for a limited time once a year, is now on shelves.
I will buy as many bags as I can up until Easter, while also trying to remember that I don't want to gain 100 lbs before's a battle.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer 002
While I was restocking my makeup essentials this weekend, I decided to take a chance on a new product...
Has anyone else ever tried this? I think I am really liking it so far! It is not tinted, it looks just like a lotion.
You put it on as a primer before foundation, and I've found that it not only helps the application process, but gives a more polished finish and helps my makeup last throughout the day. At about $8 - this might make it into my list of routine makeup purchases!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Now it's time for me to go catch up on some new blog posts ;)
emily kay