Marin // 11-12 months

Friday, June 22, 2018

I can't believe this is my last little update for Marin's first year! I won't be doing them as frequently now - I will probably do an 18 month and 24 month one in the future. I just realized I haven't posted at all in June...I'm sorry for the radio silence - life has once again gotten in the way of blogging. I know many of you mamas out there know how it is, sometimes blogging just takes a back seat! 

Marin's first birthday was a huge success. You can read my post about her party here. I feel like she is making huge strides every week - becoming more stable in her movement, trying more things physically (like climbing on EVERYTHING), and talking non-stop...although it is in her own little language of goofy noises right now and not many actual words ;)

emily kay