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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Gone awhile, life happens...but I'm back!
With the holidays approaching, I have been starting to compile my wish list of items of which I am lusting after.
It's a work in progress.

Givenchy Ange ou Démon (eau de parfum)

Although I will always stay faithful to my classic scents (Flowerbomb and Chanel Chance eau Fraiche) I am yearning for something new to add to the mix. Fell in love with this when visiting my big sister in Akron and rummaging through her vanity.

Michael Kors Grayson Logo Satchel

I adore my Michael Kors Hamilton Tote (in vanilla) --holiday gift from my love last Christmas-- and I am thinking about saving up for this brown monogram satchel. I have always been drawn to this style (reminds me of a Louis Vuitton Speedy) and I will happily purchase another Michael Kors handbag since I have been so happy with my Hamilton...added bonus: everything he designs is beautiful and classic.

Hunter Rain boots (Original Tall in black)

I live in Ohio...and the weather sucks. I need a practical way of keeping my feet dry and warm (we all know the Uggs just don't cut it) while also remaining stylish. I think I found the solution...Scottish wellies made fashionable by the likes of Ashley Olsen and Kate Moss.

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