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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I've been dreaming of a kitchen remodel recently. Our kitchen is nice, but it is the style of the family that lived in the home before Aaron and I bought it. I would really like to update some things in the kitchen to fit more in line with our taste... aiming for a rustic-modern look.

In an effort to keep the budget under control, I think we would keep the existing cabinets and just paint them white and add different pulls. I would also love to re-do the floors, but that would mean re-flooring the entire main floor of the house since it is continuous throughout all the rooms - so we will save that for another day ;) 

Notice the lovely craft beer collection growing on my windowsill?  Once the kitchen is re-done they will be moved to a new home - the basement ;)

Some changes I would like to make...

// update paint colors on walls - light grey?
// white/grey marble counter tops (and remove the raised ledge on the main island)
// white wash the exposed brick chimney// white/grey marble counter tops
// white subway tile accent wall above the sink {with grey grout}
// white farmhouse sink {notice a theme??}
// new light fixtures above island and dinner table
// natural wood shelves

What makes up your dream kitchen?

Fixer Upper // Season 2, Episode 3
via Dreamy Whites Lifestyle on Instagram 

via 7th House on the Left blog
Joanna Gaines' kitchen
via Grey and Scout on Instagram
Ikea farmhouse sink


  1. Joanna Gaines' kitchen is my dream kitchen 100%! Actually, her entire house is. Same difference. ;)
    xoxo, Brandi

  2. oh i wish i could update our kitchen! it's big and fine but not enough counter space. sigh. one day!

  3. I think your kitchen is so pretty! It's always fun to update though! We moved into a house in December with a total 1970s kitchen. Fake brick vinyl floor, orangy/brown appliances, wood paneling, the whole nine years. We plan to remodel this summer and I'm having fun looking at pictures!

  4. I think your kitchen is gorgeous! But I know how you love your white! ;) I love your inspiration and remodel ideas! Definitely would change the look of the room! I especially love a farm house sink! My brother and sister in law just redid their kitchen cabinets with a rustoleum (spelling?) white kit and they turned out amazing! So much more affordable than new cabinets!

  5. Love your kitchen now too! ha Gorgeous exposed brick! I bet marble countertops would make a big difference alone!


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