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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Picture taken by Aaron after the last "wave" of projects we completed.

Now that quite a few of the projects are done on the house (at least for now) I'm interested in filling it with things we love. I would say the interior design style we always seem to lean towards is pretty modern/minimalisic. We picked all neutral paint colors throughtout the house and I have never liked having tons of clutter and "things" out/visable.

One of the first things on my list is a bed frame and headboard.
We actually got our bedroom furniture off Craigslist...it's a mid-century modern set by Heywood Wakefield ("Coronet") BUT the bed frame is for a queen...which equals a problem because we have a king size mattress which I love and refuse to give up ;)

So, I have been looking for alternatives that will work well with the set we have.
I have always liked platform beds, so I think a simple frame to get the mattress off the floor would be fine, and then a headboard like the one below (from Ikea) would be perfect.
Simple, modern, inexpensive, and could be stained to match the wood of the set we have.

Next on my list is the back yard. 
It's getting warm, and we love to cook out on the grill and entertain...so I would like to have some simple patio furniture (since an enitre backyard makeover is not in the books for this year).
These 2 rattan pieces from Ikea are right up my alley. I found them when HRH Collection's Alex posted pictures of her home awhile back...she had this set on her patio.

I love the look, but was worried about actual comfort, so I tried the rocking chair the last time I made a trip to Ikea...much to my surprise it was actually very relaxing and comfy!

Since we live in the city, our backyard isn't very big, but we definitely have a decent amount of space to work with. I would love to have a firepit along with some outdoor twinkle lights, and maybe even a small water feature!

xx em

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