Wednesday, June 5, 2013
This past weekend in pictures ;)
Sorry about the picture quality - I forgot my camera, so I had to take pictures with my iphone.

Saturday - Trip to The Brew Kettle in Cleveland so that Aaron and his friend could make their own craft beer. They have done it before, but are super excited about this one...he put a lot of time and effort into coming up with the recipe.
As you can see...I was very helpful ;)

Some of the great eats from the weekend...healthy habits kind of flew out the window! Back to the gym this week!

Hamburger Station sliders (an Akron staple), corned beef and latkes at Rock Fresh, and a turkey/bacon wrap with salad while brewing at The Brew Kettle.

Some adorable-ness ;) Aaron making our friend's daughter giggle like crazy while pretending to eat her seatbelt...

Finally, some awesome tunes (Pandora 80's radio) for the ride back to Columbus - which spurred on some very entertaining car-karoke ;)

And a quick shot of my coral hibiscus tree...we thought it was dying, but I'm happy to say a couple beautiful blooms popped up on Sunday!

xx em


  1. Seems like you guys had such amazing time! I think having a chance to try and make your own beer is like every guy's dream;-))) I bet my Andrey would die to be able to do that!

    1. I was worried it would be boring, but it was actually pretty fun! And he was so excited ;) You guys should go sometime if you can! xx


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