Sunday, June 16, 2013
June 3rd was my anniversary with Aaron <3
We didn't do anything big, since we just bought a house and have been throwing all of our money into projects and bills. Plus, we are both pretty mellow and enjoy a night at home watching cheesy movies just as much as a night out.

He did surprise me with beautiful yellow roses when I got home from work...

And, as always, he spoiled me with way too much ;) I am very lucky to have a man with amazing fashion sense.

Gorgeous Tom Ford sunglasses (Iris) in black and gold. I was so excited to get these! I have never had a nice, designer pair...I can finally get rid of my $5.00 aviators from Forever21 that are falling apart ;)

Kelsi Dagger espadrille wedges in black - perfect for the summer! I have a few black summer dresses and needed shoes to wear with them. He also got me two other pairs of Kelsi Dagger heels, but they were a bit too small, so we returned them.

Aaron and I met over 2 years ago at a mutal friend's college graduation party. It is actually funny that we never met before then, because we are best friends with all the same people...who are constantly getting together for weddings, picnics, vacations, holidays, etc. Once we were dating, we actually realized that we had been at quite a few events together and never actually met!

But, I think it was meant to be. We met when we were supposed to. And I loved him from the minute we met...what can I say...when you know, you know. He's the best person that has ever come into my life, and I feel so lucky, everyday that I am in love with my best friend<3


xx em


  1. Aw happy anniversary lady - what a lovely post.

  2. That sounds so lovely and romantic....he is a keeper for sure! xx Love you to check out my blog xx

    1. He is a keeper for sure ;) Love your blog lady! Great style and I really like the recipes!! xx

  3. OMG, Emelie, you, guys, are melting my heart - seriously! so incredibly happy for you - you're such an amazing couple♥♥♥

  4. LOVE the shoes. Congratulations on your anniversary. My hubby and I just celebrated five years.



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