Weekend Wrap-up

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Well, it's already Wednesday, so it's probably about time for me to get around to posting pictures from the past weekend!

Aaron and I had a nice, relaxing weekend - which mainly consisted of catching up on a show we love (Wilfred) and a new show he discovered (Under the Dome). We did get out the house a bit though... ;)

On Saturday morning, we had brunch at Bodega, a local gastropub and it was delicious! I know the owners through the school I used to teach at (their son was in my class - just happend to be my favorite student...shh ;) and I still babysit him from time to time...so I thought it was finally time we checked the place out.

For a starter, I ordered a cup of the soup of the day, which was She-Crab...and it was amazing. It isn't something I would normally order, but I decided to step outside of my comfort zone...and I'm so glad I did.
Best soup I've had in a long time!  

I also got the "Unsimple Green" Salad - which consisted of romaine and arugula, topped with green beans, pisachios, green grapes, and green onions (the "greenest" meal I've eaten in ages!)

That afternoon, we took Deedee to the dog park for the first time! She was super shy and scared at first, but eventually warmed up and starting playing with the other pups. She seemed to have such a great time that we went back Sunday and Monday too. It definitely helps get her extra evening energy out and help her calm down. We have been noticing that she gets really hyper around 9-10 pm at night ... even if we take a long walk and spend time playing outside.

Has/does this happen with any of your pups??

My loves (I joked with Aaron that they matched) <3

Hiding out under the picnic table took up a lot of the time on her first visit, but the second and third trips went much better!

I snapped a couple pictures of my outfit/hair on Sunday because I am very proud of myself for finally getting the sock bun to work! Hahaha...

I bought the little donut over a month ago and tried a million times to get it to work, but honestly gave up for awhile. I have so much hair - it is halfway down my back (as you can see in the pics above) and is super thick, so I figured I was just never going to be able to get a sock bun to work. But...I gave it one last shot on Sunday and got it the first try! It's not perfect, but oh well, close enough! ;)

(Earrings from F21 and sweater from Express)

Hope you all are having a lovely week!!


  1. Girl you nailed the sock bun! I think the more imperfect it is the better (otherwise it's very ballerina like). Dog parks were my savior when Finn was a puppy!

    1. Thanks! It only took me a million tries ;)


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