November Favorites

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Today I am linking up with the gorgeous Emily from Beauty and the Greek for "November Favorite Things"!

November Favorites

1) Winter Boots - It is already getting really cold here in Columbus and I know snow is just around the corner - so keeping my feet warm and dry (but still fashionable ;) is a must!

2) Baby Oil - for my dry skinned of my besties told me she uses this to remove makeup at night, so I tried it out and my skin has been amazinggg. It moisturizes and also gets off EVERY last bit of makeup. There is no need to scrub so much and my face is left feeling super soft and totally clean!

3) 'Tis the time of apple cider - one of my all time favorite drinks! Once November rolls around we always have at least one jug of this in the fridge. I also love Starbucks carmel apple spice...the perfect drink for a chilly day ;)

4) Gold iPhone 5s - LOVE and will be mine shortly as I am due for an upgrade! 

5) Days off from work - I work at Ohio State University and November has two shortened weeks - one obviously for Thanksgiving, but I am sooo looking forward to some days off to relax!!

6) Etsy - this website is the BEST. So many amazing things...recently we found pajamas and a knit sweater for our doberman, Deedee (she gets so cold in the winter) and I already have tons of unique Christmas presents checked off for friends and family after trolling Etsy for a couple hours!

And just for kicks...

(Ready for the Browns game)

7) Graeter's Pumpkin Ice Cream - I am not a big ice cream eater....except for this time of year because my favorite ice cream place releases pumpkin and cinnamon. One scoop of each = heaven. I will probably head to get some right after finishing this post. On a totally unrelated note, I will be starting a new gym membership tomorrow.

8) Blankets - can't have enough of these around the house for the fall. I am always snuggled up under one...the bigger and fuzzier, the better!

9) Walking Dead - it's back on and Aaron and I are obsessed. It got a little dull last season, but they have definitely stepped it up this season - only 3 episodes in and already tons of drama and, of course, zombies ;)


  1. I'm always looking for gentle stuff to take off my eye makeup. I have super dry skin, so even my eyelids get dry, lol. I definitely need to try it out.

    Those doggie PJs are adorable! I love the sock monkey ones, too cute! My husband, my dog and I all have matching PJs. I'm kind of the only one that gets excited about it though. Haha

    Can you get Graeter's outside of Cinci? I have family there, and I LOVE their mint chocolate chip. Best ice cream ever!

    Thanks so much for linking up!


  2. Loving the new gold iPhone! It looks so pretty in person! By the way, those pictures of your dog are so cute!! I'm impressed with the fact that she will let you dress her up. My dogs freaks out when we put anything on her so needless to say, Halloween in probably her least favorite day of the year! ;) I'm also the same with with blankets. I seem to buy a new one every year! I cannot sit on the couch without a blanket. Just love them! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite things with us!

  3. The gel doesn't clog your pores? I will have to try it out. I use it as shaving gel and it works awesome too.

  4. I will definitely have to try the baby oil gel! Also, those doggie outfits make me giggle- too cute!

  5. That pumpkin ice cream?? Yes please!

  6. I can't believe there's a gold iPhone! That's incredible.

  7. It's just starting to get into boot weather where I live and I'm so excited about it as well! I'm hoping to use etsy for a few gifts this year too! They have so many creative things I would have never thought of!

  8. I wish we had that ice cream where I live! I love just about anything pumpkin flavored :) I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award!
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  9. cute post! Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know where you're following and I'll follow right back! x

    1. Love your blog lady... I followed on google and bloglovin ;) Thanks for the follow back!


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