Birthday Weekend!

Monday, January 13, 2014
Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! I had a wonderful weekend, despite having a million things to do on top of celebrating my birthday ;)

I am not a huge fan of roses, so Aaron got my a gorgoues bouquet of tulips, lillies, and I'm not sure what the wide lavendar colored flowers are - but they were my favorites. I love hydrangeas (one of my all-time favorite flowers) but unfortunately, they are not good for dogs if injested. And with our luck, Deedee would find a way to eat them!

On Saturday night we went out to Cantina Laredo, a fabulous Mexican restraunt in Columbus with amazing food. It's kind of a birthday tradition, Aaron takes me there every year. They have great margartias, and fresh guacamole made right at the table for you! And my favorite part, dessert - hot apple pie with cinnamon ice cream on a sizzling plates of brandy butter {YUM}.

We were a bit let down this year though...not by the food, but by the atmosphere. We went late, about 8 pm, and were dressed up because it is a nice place. But, apparently since last year, they have incorporated a kids menu, and every family in Columbus decided to take their kids out to eat that same night. We were sat in a room full of families which was quite annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love kids...but it was obvious we were on a date and I don't think it was very professional to seat us next to a screaming baby and toddler watching noisy cartoons on his ipad. Not romantic. Oh well, we will pick a different place next year ;)
What places to you ladies go for date nights??

Forgot to get a picture of us all dressed up for dinner, but once we got home we changed into pjs and snuggled up for drinks and a movie. Perfect night to me!

On Sunday {my actual bday} my best friend Michelle and her fiance, Jeremy stopped by and treated us to lunch! It was so great to see her...we have been best friends forever, but she is one of those people I just don't get to see enough. We realized it had been a year and a half since we last saw each other!! We are planning a lot of time together coming up soon, though since her wedding is in May!

We didn't get around to buying my succelents {that I wished for in my last post} but that will go down this week for sure :)

I did get a new winter coat though! I've been wanting a high-quality down jacket for winter since it gets so cold here. Criteria - matte black (dislike the shiny ones), long (knee length, butt covered), and no fur hood, bonus if it has a removable (non-fur) hood. Oh, and decent brand since I want it to last a long time. 

All the ones I've seen have been so expensive or not quite what I was looking for...but we stopped in Macy's since they were having 50% off outerwear, and I found a perfect Calvin Klein jacket! Then, using your Macy's card, you got an additional 20% an almost $300 jacket went down to about $120 after tax. Win.

Couldn't find a picture online, I'll post one later this week :)

Finally, if you follow me on Instagram {emiliestorey} you know that this little sassafrass has been a bit naughty, and been caught regulary biting at her cast - so on goes the cone. It is hilarious, but she is instantly a super grump and follows me around endlessly, bumping me with it, trying to get me to take it off. 

Did you do anything fun this weekend?? xo


  1. Happy belated birthday! Your hair is gorgeous!

    Yikes for getting stuck next to a screaming baby at the restaurant. Hopefully the lunch you had the next day was better. :)

  2. That fried ice cream looks delisssshhh! Actually, guacamole, margarita's and chips and salsa all sound good...and it's 8:30 in the morning. It might be a long day... ;) . Glad you had a good birthday weekend!!

  3. Happy belated birthday!! That ice cream looks so tasty! One of my favorite places does a cookie in a skillet similar to that and it is to-die-for!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Your hair looks gorgeous! Mark and I always do the same thing get all prettied up for dinner but the minute we get home it's like time to change into pj's :-)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful weekend, even despite the let down at dinner. ;)

  6. We're definitely 'that couple' that immediately requests a different table if the hostess steers us towards a noisy family. I think I embarrass my husband but it's worth it in the end ha. Looks like you had an amazing dinner but sorry it wasn't so romantic. Your hair looks amaze! PS Petsmart, etc. have inflatable 'cones' that looks like a pillow you'd wear on an airplane but they're for dogs and so much more doable for the poor babies. They velcro right on and our dog seemed to not mind it at all :)

  7. Happy you had a wonderful birthday! Minus the noisy children! Poor little Deedee looking so sad in her cone of shame!

  8. First off happy belated birthday! We have an amazing Mexican restaurant here in zanesville hat is awesome and the Margs are to die for

    1. Thank you! :) Mexican {and margaritas} are my favorite!! What is the restaurant in Zanesville called? I'm always looking for new places to try and (if you are talking Zanesville Ohio) that isn't too far from me :))

  9. Aside from having to share your romantic dinner with kids it sounds like a pretty amazing weekend!! And your hair and make-up look fantastic!!

  10. oh gosh, your puppy looks so pitiful and cute at the same time

  11. Oh goodness, the cone is too sad. Poor little one. And you look adorable in that picture, even in your jammies. Just perfect :)
    xo TJ

  12. Sounds like a perfect birthday! Love your hair and that dessert sounds delicious!

  13. That dessert looks amaaazing! As does your curly hair :) Happy belated birthday!

  14. I love Cantina Laredo! So sorry about all the tikes, I secretly do not like that too! Especially on your birthday, glad that drinks and movie night made up for it :-) Hope your little pup is doing better, cones are no fun! But she always looks sooo cute!

  15. Mexican is perfect birthday food - hope you had a great day!

  16. HI! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog:) I'm following you back. Your hair is gorgeous btw.


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