Winter Weekend ~ Stuck Inside

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Since this past weekend was so frigid - I ended up basically staying inside the entire 2 days. Which gave me a bit of cabin fever, but honestly, I got a lot of things done that usually get put off. I had studying to do for a midterm, and then I got the house cleaned, items listed on ebay, and all our photos from 2011-2013 organized for scrapbooks (huge accomplishment!)

I am going to have the goal of getting my 2011-2012 and 2013-2014 scrapbooks done in May, when I have a couple of weeks of from school. I have all the pictures organized into pages/themes, so now I just need to go out and buy some fun paper and stickers to decorate with. Do any of you make scrapbooks or family albums? My dad has done them my whole life (basic albums, not scrapbooks ;) and we have one for every year from the early 80's all the way up to now! I love looking at them whenever I visit my parents, and it's a tradition I definitely want to continue, so I need to get working!

I also remembered to snap a couple pictures of our bedroom with all the new bedding we got over Christmas and my birthday :)

I love the way it has turned out - and Aaron wasn't too sure while I was buying each piece, but once it was all done he thought it looked great! Now all we need is a bed frame...we have one that came with our vintage bedroom set (Haywood Wakefield) but it was only a queen, and our mattress is a king. Aaron is planning on making one himself - a platform style. It was going to be a birthday surprise for me, but then the fur baby got hurt and all the $$$ went to her surgery. I would much rather have her be healthy than have a bedframe!!

Lamp - Target
Silk pillow cases - H&M
White pillows, comforter/cover, throw - Ikea
Bird pillow - TJMaxx

I also wanted to share some of the Sosie items that I ordered, since I did a post about their website a few weeks back. The items were delivered pretty quickly and I am really happy with them! I will definitely be ordering more from them in the future.

Maxi Skirt - super comfy/stretchy, this is going to be perfect for summer!

Lace top - very cute...a bit more see-thru around the middle than I expected (as you can see), but there are ways to fix that...or I might just rock it, not sure yet ;)
Either way, this top is going to be perfect with skinny jeans for date nights in the summer!

I also ordered my first tank from HRH Collection. If you don't know, Alex has been blogging and making Youtube videos for years, and she started selling her awesome jewelry a while back.

More recently, she started adding great basic pieces of clothing to her website, and I fell in love with the tanks! I ordered black first, but will absolutely be ordering other colors (cream vneck is up next). They are a great staple piece and can be dressed up with a skirt, or worn more casually with jeans. I ordered a M because I like the slightly looser, "drapey" look. 

Hope you are all staying warm! I was hoping for a "snow day" since the wind chill today puts us in the negatives (last night registered at -19!!) but no such luck... 

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Glossy Blonde


  1. Love, love that skirt and tank - even together! Your bedding looks so comfy and luxurious - makes me want to take a nap in this dreary weather. Stay warm!

  2. Way to go on being so productive this weekend!! Huge accomplishments for sure!! The bedding looks great!

  3. I started scrapbooking my wedding shortly after I got married...and almost 5 years later it's still not done. Fail. I'm determined to finish it someday!! Hahaha!

  4. Looove your white bedding! You are the second person today that posted gorgeous bedding from Ikea! I would have never thought to look there but I'm loving it!

  5. Love clean crisp bedding and I love the lace top! Yes it's a bit sheer but you rock it my dear!

  6. Such cute bedding!! And that maxi skirt is adorable!!!!

    New to reading your blog, and it is great!!! :)


  7. LOVE your white bed!!! I'm a sucker for neutrals. Your bedroom is so peaceful and serene!!! :)

  8. That accent bird pillow is so pretty! I'm all about staple pieces that last black shirt would be a great addition!

  9. Your bed looks so comfy! Ahhh! Love the neutrals.

  10. you bed looks so fluffy! and I love those metallic pillows!

  11. Just came across your blog through Katie's and I am obsessed with all of those clothing! I love off the shoulder tops-- makes me so ready for summer :)

  12. I am loooooving those clothes. That Maxi is perfection! Also, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Here's a link to my post about it


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