Better Late Than Never!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Weekend re-cap coming in a bit late this week ;)

The past few days have been a whirlwind...I was up in my hometown for a funeral and spent time with friends and family....then rushed back to Columbus for midterms on Monday and Tuesday (studying in the car is no bueno)...but now they are over and I can relax for a minute! But only a minute because classes start back again on Tuesday and I have homework & readings that need done. Sighhh

Despite the heartwrenching reason for being up in Akron, it was honestly nice to all spend time together. My best friends and I don't get to see each other much since I live 2 hours away and everyone has crazy schedules and kids to work around.

A few years ago we all worked together at a dance studio (owned by one of the group) and literally spent 6 days a week together, hours on end every day. We all also lived within walking distance of each other. They were some of the best years of my life, and even though I love where my life has taken me, I do miss them sometimes.

My friend Andrea (who owned the dance studio) found this picture of the four of us. It is a perfect reminder of my favorite summer nights with them. I lived in an apartment where you could climb out a window onto the roof, so they would all come over and we would lay out on the roof on warm summer nights with a bottle (or 5) of wine, just talking, listening to music, and laughing our butts off. They are my soulmates :)
On Saturday, Aaron snapped the cutest picture of Deedee, so I just had to share it :)
She fell asleep while sitting up against a chair at his parent's house - which was hilarious. It seems like the only time we can get good pictures of her is when she is sleeping! 

Finally, I reorganized some of my drawers late on Sunday. I moved all the makeup out of them and into my training case (Sephora) to free up more drawers for bathing suits, socks, etc. I'm just going to keep all my makeup in the trianing case until our master bathroom gets finished and / or I order the Muji acrylic organizing drawers I mentioned awhile back.

I get to work from home tomorrow - which I am very excited about :) PJs all day!!

Hope all you lovely ladies are having a good week! We're half way to the weekend!


  1. That's great that you get a couple of days of reprieve from studying!!! The way you describe your best friends is really touching - it's so sweet that you have that connection in your life!! My vote is for the emoji boxes...I got a similar one for x-mas and it has really added a lot of organization into my life haha!! Have fun working from home!

  2. Such sweet memories of your friends! I miss those days with my girlfriends too. While I'm happy where life has taken me, I do wish I got to see more of them-they all live far away!

  3. Such special memories with's always fun to reminisce about those good 'ol days. Xx.

  4. It is so sweet that you have those memories with your friends and that you were able to catch up with them over the weekend last weekend! (I'm a little late to catching up on blogs this week lol) I know the feeling of not getting to see friends often too! It's a good thing the memories and photos last forever! :) that picture of DeeDee is soooo cute!


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