Five on Friday ~ 4.11.14

Friday, April 11, 2014
Happy Friday ladies!

It feels like forever since I've done a link up for Five on Friday!
(in actuality, it's been more like 2 weeks ;)

So let's get right into it...wanted to share some new things I am loving...

1. Pure Vitamin E Oil

Ok, you know my struggle with dry skin (pretty sure I've whined about it countless times) - especially when it comes to the skin around my nose. Well, honestly I got to the point where I was thinking it was a problem that would just never get solved...I had tried everything. Literally. I scrubbed it, I used every lotion in the book, smothered it with Vaseline, even did this weird ice cube thing I read online (still a little embarrassed about that one ;) ...but nothing worked. The next day, I'd put makeup on, and within minutes the area around my nose would look awful.

Then, I remember one of my besties had mentioned Vitamin E oil to me ages ago when we were talking about skin care. I looked it up and found out I could get some at the CVS right down the street, so I picked it up the other day. I went ahead and got the tiny bottle (that cost more) but it was pure Vit E Oil, instead of a watered down mixture. This lady needed this high-potency stuff!!

Anyway, I'm not even kidding, after one use - the dry skin was completely gone. Vanished. It's not sore, red,'s amazing! Why didn't I try this stuff before? It's an odd feeling, like putting honey on your face, but sign me up if it's going to get rid of my dry skin problems! I'm on day 3 and the skin around my nose is smooth and I couldn't be happier. Totally worth $7.

2. Dry Shampoo

Why am I so late to hop on this bandwagon? Who knows, but I finally remembered to pick up some dry shampoo the other day and I'm pretty happy with the results after my first use! I don't think I used enough, but I definitely saw results. The only gripe I have is the smell - but that may just be because of the brand I bought. What dry shampoos do you ladies recommend??

3. MochiThings Slim Purse Organizer

I came across this on Megan's recent "What's in My Bag" post and I just love it! This would solve all my big-black-hole purse problems :) When it comes to organizers of any kind - sign me up! And it's reasonably priced at about $40.

4. Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

Do any of you ladies use this? I've seen / heard about it multiple times now and I am so intrigued! It supposedly works wonders on eyelashes, and basically makes them look like you could be wearing falsies! I have decently thick lashes, but they aren't very long, so if this helps with that, I'm all for it! I have thought about purchasing to try - but I'm going to do a bit more research before, as it is about $30 a set. 

5. Fit Body Program (by Savannah Nevuex)

I think I mentioned this in one of my last posts, but I started a workout / exercise program about 2 weeks ago, and I am loving it! It's created by Savannah Neveux - who obviously knows what she is talking about... 

I found her on Instagram (@muffintopless) and was inspired by her posts and all the women who are posting their amazing results using her programs! So, for only $10 - I thought it was definitely worth a try. 

I love it so far, and even though I am only 2 weeks in (12 week program) I am already feeling better and stronger...and I'm super excited to share my results when it's over! 

Join the link up here... and have a great weekend!! xx


  1. Happy Friday! Love that organizer.

  2. The girls of the Davis fam love us some dry shampoo!!!! xx

  3. I can't wait to see your results!! I mean clearly the woman knows what she's talking about!! Glad you had such great results with the Vitamin E oil - hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Redken Refresh is my go to for dry shampoos. Oh I need to hear about these results because her body is bangin and for $10 I could definitely be down for that!

  5. Love that Dry Shampoo...use it A LOT! And I also love vitamin E oil....I have a rather intimidating scar from some past surgeries due to Crohn's Disease and I put Vitamin E oil all over helps it and this reminded me I have been slacking in that department! My nose gets so dry and cracks too (so icky) so I can't wait to try the vitamin e on that too! xx.

  6. Happy Friday! My mom used to pop vitamin E capsules and use it when needed. Wonder if that may actually be more expensive than your $7 bottle though? I want to know how the mascara works! I'm getting eyelash extensions next week but don't know about the maintenance long-term. Happy weekend!!

  7. Ugh I have a dry nose too I will have to test out the vitamin E oil. I know you can buy the capsules as well and pierce them with a safety pin to get the oil out.

  8. The batiste dry shampoo has been my favorite I've tried! The original doesn't have a scent and it's pretty inexpensive which is a nice plus :)

  9. That purse organizer is genius!! I've also heard that vitamin E helps with scarring, have you heard that too?? If so I may need to try some as I have a bunch of old acne scars on my face :( . Womp!

  10. How have you lived without dry shampoo for so long?! Haha! Glad you found some oils that is helping with your dry skin! I've heard lots of great things about that mascara as well but I've been really hesitant to try it out. Keep us posted if you do!


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