Friday Favorites ~ 5.2.14

Friday, May 2, 2014
So excited to link up today with one of my favorite bloggers... Amanda from 'Meet Me at the Barre' ...for Friday Favorites!

Favorite Finds:
Some of my recent purchases :) 

Got the VS sweatsuit off ebay for a super discount compared to buying it on their website.

Snatched up these UO sunglasses for $15 ...I've been looking for a "cost-friendly" version of the colored Ray Bans...but every time I find a pair that works, they sell out in less than 24 hours! I happened to me like 3 times...well I learned my lesson! When I stumbled upon these, I wasn't hesitating this time! 

Love these two effortless maxi dresses from F21 - striped one was $12 and coral one was $8.80 -- steal! And I could checkout without adding the little ceramic bunnies to my cart once seeing them ;)  

Recent Finds

 Favorite Links:
Abby's husband showed me this slowed down version of Dolly Parton singing "Jolene'. I love Dolly Parton, and I love that song...and it even sounds fabulous this way too! 

Tried this quiz, thinking I was going to rock it...I was so wrong - it's hard!

Favorite Songs:
Heard this on Pandora the other day, and instantly bookmarked...

Favorite Recipe:
Love the look and sound of these delicious "Wontons" that Julie posted about! Can't go wrong with Bob Evans sausage :) They look perfect for party finger-food! Head over to her fabulous blog to check out the recipe!

Favorite Funnies:

Now that the weather is warming up...

How I feel about soccer (and basketball)...but give me baseball or football any day!!

Two little gems from Instagram (follow me @emiliestorey ;)

And the two that always make me laugh, no matter what...

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Meet At The Barre


  1. Hahaha, those funnies made me laugh! Happy Friday!

  2. those dresses are so cute! i need to check out that jolene video when i get home. hahaha @ shorts - so true. i dont wanna see your butt cheeks either. that last pic made me laugh so hard.

  3. Dying over the e-card about shorts and summer!! Congrats on getting those sun glasses and for a steal of a deal!! I am obsessed with the Jolene song!! One of my favorites! Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh my gooooosh! My Aunt sent me that ecard about the shorts last night I had tears! That is terrrrrribly wrong and hilarious at the same time! :) Thank you so much for mentioning my recipe and blog!!!! :) I love love love all of your recent finds! I can't believe you found that VS outfit on ebay! Jealous!

  5. Literally lol-ing over all of the funnies, just pure gold! I wish I looked good in maxi dresses, maybe I just haven't tried enough but I feel like they don't do very well on my body shape.

  6. Hah the baby's face. I think he did a oopsie in the tub judging by his expression. Love your new shads and the maxis! Happy weekend girl :)

  7. I feel the same way about basketball and soccer, I'm a baseball girl all the way!

  8. Wonton wrappers might be the greatest food thing I've discovered this year-- you can make so many creative things with them & so perfect for parties! Loving that version of that song too! Happy weekend!

  9. I'm pretty sure that meme of the "shorts should be longer than your vagina" is probably the best meme ever!


  10. Ha the last one with the cat :) Your quiz link didn't link - or is that part of the quiz ;)

  11. This post makes me so happy because it's a real Friday Favorites style ;-) bahahhaaha those funnies totally had my cracking up. Girl that is exactly how I feel about soccer plus I don't like how I never know when it's going to be over! Why is it so long???? I need those wontons and those sunnies! Definitely need the link for the sunglasses because I have been wanting a blue mirrored pair. Thanks so much for linking up!!!! xoxoxo


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