friday ~ 8.15.14

Friday, August 15, 2014
Hiya! Happy Friday :) This one is particularly happy for me, as I have next week off!! 
Last day of work for 9 whole days - I can't wait. And no school! 
{hence why I planned it this way - I had limited weeks to work with}

I'm just taking a stay-cation at home, but I have besties coming to visit on Monday...
 ...and then lots of sleeping / exercising /  dance classes / shopping / relaxing to do!

Linking up with these lovelies for the Friday posts!


{ tears }

This was just heartbreaking. Of course I didn't know him personally, but he was just one of those people that I felt like I did...and from the response over the past couple of days, it seems like others felt the same way. Looking through all the pictures and tributes over the past couple of days brought tears to my eyes. 

We also need to look at the bigger picture here... it's pretty clear that society needs to do so much more to talk about, recognize, treat, and support those with mental illness... until no one is afraid to ask for help.

{ funnies }


I almost lost it when I read this one the other day :)

 This will be me for sure after next week!

At the age of 10 - Ricky is already a very wise man...



{ slider contest }

We had our Slider Cookout Contest last weekend and the final products were amazing! And delicious! Aaron and I made a burger with sharp white cheddar, bacon, and granny smith apple slices...salty, sweet, tangy - it was so yummy!

Here's a shot of all the entries...


And our burger ;)
We didn't win the prize, but there was some tough competition, and they were all delicious!

Shameless #selfie from the night of the cookout :)
I promise my lips weren't magenta haha! Thanks a lot toaster filter.

{ sweeties }

This little miss woke her dad up at 5 am the other morning with excited licks to his face...then I found her passed out around 8 am, and she slept for HOURS.

This little peanut!! I die. Just look at that face :)
I get to see her Monday - she's coming to visit me!!

{ perks }

When you work for the College of Food, Ag, and Environmental Sciences...there are some definite work perks. Such as organic farmers bringing you boxes full of gorgeous veggies!

{ best look }

Demi Lovato at the Teen Choice Awards in Moschino.


 { success }

Finally finished my first book of 2014 that wasn't school-related! That's embarassing, I know...I need to read more. It's just so hard to find time when I have to cram in a million articles on marketing, economics, etc etc. Believe me, I'd much rather be reading for pleasure any day.

This book was hilarious - as all of hers are :)
Literally had me laughing out loud quite a few times.

That's way more than five isn't it?? Oh well ;)
 Have a great weekend!! 
Maybe since I have more free time on my hands this coming week I'll be better at getting some posts up! xx



  1. Those funnies made me smile, thank you so much.

    So sad about Robin, I was heartbroken when I heard the news.

    Sliders....yes please :)

  2. Yay for a whole week off! Enjoy!!!

  3. A slider contest - sounds AMAZING!! I haven't read that Chelsea Handler one yet - Ive read all the others and need to read this one!! Hope you have a wonderful staycation!

  4. you look gorgeous in that selfie! i need to read that Chelsea book. Have a great week off!

  5. Um I need to be a part of the slider contest next time - or at least get to be an official taste tester! Your burger sounds fantastic. Loved the "Rapunzel" look hah - gorgeous per usual! Have a great weekend. Love the baby pic btw ;)

  6. You are beautiful in that selfie hun! And that slider contest looks amazing.

  7. Chelsea Handler is one the last two stops of her tour before going to Australia and they are right by my house! Too bad I only just realized this and when I looked up tickets for two they were $400!! Uganda be kidding me! Haha have a great weekend pretty lady!

  8. If your lips weren't magenta in that picture, you should really look into finding a lip colour like that because it looks amazing on you! I work in marketing in the food industry and I only ever really get packaged perks - I wish one of our chefs would bring me some fresh veggies! Those sliders are literally making my mouth water.

  9. mmm those sliders look so delicious!!!
    We had some of our friends share from their garden this week and it is amazing to get home grown instead of canned or from the grocery store. We are seriously considering a garden next year!!!

  10. pretty picture darling!! That little boy will be married forever....even though looks like a truck hahahahaha

  11. Omg I loved Chelsea Handler's latest book! You look gorgeous in your selfie too. :) And omg I don't even want to check my bank account right now after going to a football game AND concert...yeeesshhh TGIF!!

  12. yay for 9 days off! Enjoy it!!! That slider contest looks/sounds fun and yummy! Love your shameless selfie! ;) Isn't it funny how those damn dogs wake up at the crack of dawn and then they get to nap all morning/afternoon?! Not fair! :) How awesome that farmers bring you some veggies! That's nice! Free veggies without the work of weeding the garden! Score! Lol

  13. Ohh so jealous of your big box of fresh veggies! And that text ecard- so true. I remember taking forever to write a text.

  14. Checking your bank account after a fun weekend... ahh!! Nothing worse than not knowing what you're going to see, haha! Enjoy you well-deserved NINE days off!! xo

  15. AGH! I can totally relate to the bank account one! That was definitely me yesterday night!

  16. The sliders sound incredible and love that Ricky quote haha! That is great. You look gorg in that selfie. I have been wanting to check out one of Chelsea's books for a while.


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