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Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's been a hard week, jumping back into work and school {and life} after a lovely week off.
I already feel ready for another vacation ;)

I've had a lot on my mind recently and this seems as good a place as any to vent some of it, seeing as I have met so many awesome and supportive ladies here in Blogland!

Do you ever feel like you just want to do better? I feel like this is a constant problem with me.
Work out more, make more money, get better grades, be more organized, get more projects done at home, home-cook healthier meals...

I know many of you have written about it before, how blogs can suck us into this world where everything looks so perfect and you start comparing you life to those on the internet. My house needs to look like Pinterest, my wardrobe and makeup/hair needs to look like the fashion and beauty gurus, I need that purse / top / necklace she blogged about, etc etc...

I get antsy sometimes because there are so many things in life I am working towards and want to accomplish, and it's frustrating they take so long. But, then I try to remind myself that I shouldn't be wishing my life away or wanting to speed up time. It can be hard to live in the "now" these days.

I enjoy my job, but it's not where I want to stay fact, I've gotten most of what I can out of it and I'm feeling ready for a new challenge. Maybe it's time to look for something new? Although that is scary because, of course, that means going outside of this zone I have become so comfortable in. I have pretty high career aspirations, but they can't start to really be achieved until I finish grad school - which will be another 2 years (graduating in August of 2016). That seems so far away to me and it honestly kind of stresses me out every time I start to think about it. 

I've thought the best thing to do might be to set a few small goals, maybe every month or so, and work on accomplishing little things...step-by-step.
{day by day...haha anyone else watch that show in the 90s??}

Ugghh, this post is so long and wordy haha! Sorry for the ramble!! But have any of you ladies dealt with any of this?? I'm open to any words of wisdom or advice you may have :)


  1. Oh girl I totally feel you!! I feel like I should be doing more every day, working on more things, working on things for myself, a future business all these other things and then I just sort of like you said, take it day by day with little goals!! But I think I need to start being better about making these monthly goals, instead of just a to-do list for the day!!

  2. Setting small goals is really super helpful!

  3. i always feel like i want to do better, or that im not doing enough, or my life isnt interesting. but honestly, especially with myself and my house, i have to just stop, and breathe, and think about what I want - not what I think the internet wants to see. small goals are definitely the way to go!

  4. Small goals definitely makes things seem more doable! I like to set small goals each month. Or maybe pick an area of your life you want to focus on each month. Any way to break down the larger, more intimidating big picture helps!!

  5. I TOTALLY feel your pain girl! And look here I am 10 days after you wrote this post just now trying to catch up! I tell ya, life isn't perfect and it's definitely too short! So don't be too hard on yourself! At least 4 days a week I find myself saying "Oh, I'll work out tomorrow". Ha! Every single pay day I readjust our monthly budget and I say "Ah, we'll do better next month and I can work on the house" Ha! On a daily basis, I think about how I should eat better and cook more, but that shits over rated when your cooking for one person! I could go on and on... but my point is just to let you know your not alone :) Your doing awesome as far as I can see! Not many people go to school for their graduate! And honestly, I'm a tid bit jealous that I'm not that ambitious! Lol.It may be far off, but it will be here before you know it and it will be well worth the wait! :)

  6. i feel like this all the time, i always want more and more out of life whether its money, a leaner physique its never enough! i honestly think if i stopped comparing my life to others i probably wouldnt feel that way!


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