Weekend photo dump

Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Hiya! This week started out hectic right from the first thing on Monday. My supervisor went to the hospital over the weekend due to a potential heart attack (found out yesterday it wasn't) so she has been out the past few days to rest up! And when she is out, my life is crazy - been going non-stop at work since yesterday, but I wanted to take a quick second to share some photos from the weekend!

Nothing major to report - movie night, bonfire and drinks with friends, shopping, cleaning, etc. Here is a quick Instagram dump! 

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{ the perfume collection is simultaneously running low }
Flowerbomb will always be repurchased because it is my favorite fragrance of all time.
But I need some suggestions for other good perfumes to look into! 

{ one of my favorite pieces of decor }
Elephants are my favorite and I've always loved this white china one I got from Target a few years back.

{ his & hers drinks }
IPA for him, Shirley Temple with a splash of Grey Goose for me ;)

{ bonfire }
Another fun night with some of my favorite people! 
Don't ask what happened here, I have no idea ;)

{ supporting local business }
My fabulous neighbor opened a yoga studio around the corner from our house!
I stopped by to pick a t-shirt and will be taking class this week since I have time in the evenings while school is on break.
If you are in the Columbus area, check out OhiYoga!

{ dog looks like a lady }
This little princess is always so proper - case in point, dainty crossed paws.
I'm obsessed with her <3


  1. Hah yes dog looks like a lady! Curious how you like yoga so keep me posted. I've been obsessed with Gucci Guilty perfume for a while now but Marc Jacobs Daisy is also a goodie!

  2. Sorry to hear about your supervisor, but glad she's feeling better!! I'm in the same boat with perfumes - so can't wait to see what you decide on!

  3. Tyson always lays like that and I always praise him for how proper he is!!! Yay for joining a yoga class..I wish Cbus wasn't an hour away, Zanesville doesn't really have any classes to offer! I like that shirt though!!!

  4. ohemgee that elephant is so cute! love the ohiyoga tee! oh my gosh, your poor supervisor - hope she is ok now!

  5. I hope your coworker is okay! How scary! Love the pic of you and your lady friends! Looks like fun! :) Deeds is so stinkin' adorable! :)

  6. Haha the way she's sitting is so proper! Adorable.


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