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Monday, September 29, 2014

Etsy is one of my favorite websites for so many, gifts, art, I thought every once and awhile I would share some of my recent favorite Etsy finds and the awesome artists, crafters, and stores behind them!

1 // sound wave print of your voice saying a personalized phrase - such a cool gift idea!
      find it here by Newton and the Apple

2 // love this buddha print tank top, I'll be ordering it in heather gray I think!
      find it here by Episode Graphics

3 // these gorgeous prints just blew me away
      find them here by Clare Elsaesser

I can't decide which one to get for my bedroom. I might have to settle for both! 
I love the titles too, "My Home is the Sea" & "Married to the Sea"...if I ever got a tattoo, I think it would be something along those lines <3
4 // i've seen these home tees on a few blogs now and they are super cute!
     find them here by Homeland Tees

When I end up ordering one, it'll have Great Britain on it ;) 

What are your favorite Etsy stores?? I always love learning about new items on the site! xx


  1. Ooh you know how much I love Etsy! Those paintings are gorgeous.

  2. I've seen those Home shirts and I reallllly wanna get one!!

  3. That soundwave print is such a cool gift idea!

  4. oh I love that tank, so cute! etsy is a black hole for me haha. I get the best gifts there though!

  5. I totally want one of those home shirts too! :)


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