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Friday, November 21, 2014
I've been really inspired lately to start to get our home closer to the "ideal" I have in my head - piece by piece, since I know it is a process and can't be done all at once. I thought I'd put together a little series sharing what I am thinking for each of the major rooms in our house...starting with the master bedroom. 

I love our master bedroom - it is the entire third floor of the house and has vaulted ceilings in a pyramid shape and lots of light from the dormers and windows.

When I think of how I want the bedroom to be, what comes to mind is a place of complete relaxation. Whites and neutral tones are very calming to me, which is why I've picked pieces and decor that fall into those color schemes.

// Lots of candles in scents such as Eucalyptus Spearmint or Lavender

// Mirrored tray for holding decor like white picture frames and candles

// White china jewelry and trinket boxes - love the gold handle detail on this West Elm piece

// Eastern inspired decor - I've expressed my love of Buddha figures before...I'd love to add a silver bust piece to my collection

//  Succulents...because you always need a bit of green and nature incorporated into every room, and they are the best plants :)

// Cozy and comfy throw blankets - you can never have too many! 

Due to the way our ceilings are - there isn't much space for art (or full length mirrors - which is a HUGE problem, but that's another story ;) So I found a couple calming pieces that I would like to hang on the limited space that we do have.

Two pieces are by Etsy artist Clare Elsaesser and one is by local Akron artist (and a friend of mine) Bernadette Glorioso...both ladies are extremely talented and I just love their work!

What decor and design ideas / artwork have you incorporated in your master bedrooms? 
Please share!! 


  1. Gorgeous art and I love all of the white accents! Our master was such a work-in-progress for a while, but random Etsy finds were great for wall decor (I did an old post w/ mini gallery pics). Happy weekend :)

  2. You have such a unique and beautiful taste in combination here! Love! I have zero decor or theme in our room so I def feel your pain on wanting to start adding pieces! :)

  3. yess that color scheme is perfection and so is that bedding!! Love this!!

  4. That bedroom sounds absolutely lovely! I would happily incorporate all those touches in my ideal bedroom, as well.

    Right now my husband has an office corner in our bedroom so it doesn't feel quite like my space, so it is the last place left to decorate properly. I just cannot warm up to a space that doesn't quite feel mine.

    I would really love to do a monochrome palette with some metallics, that feels simple but glam, so it's comfy and lovely but not so overpowering that you cannot relax!


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