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Friday, December 12, 2014
Happy Friday ladies! I will be so happy in a couple of days...Tuesday to be exact, because the fall semester will be over and I will get three whole weeks off of school before spring semester starts back. Plus, 13 days of those three weeks, I will also be on vacation from work - it is going to be glorious!! ;)

// Favorite Meal
I've been loving lavender tea along with toast with eggs and avocado for breakfast or lunch.
I add a little extra sharp white cheddar to mine :)

// Least Favorite Moment
Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@emiliestorey) know that the other morning we woke up and Deeds face looked like this! :( We rushed her to the hospital - and they are almost positive it was a bad bug bite. Lots of benadryl and a day later - her face was back to normal, but I hated seeing her like this!

// Favorite Snuggles
One of the best times of the day is when this little guy finally calms down and crawls up onto me for snuggles. 
He is such a sweetie! (when he isn't being totally rotten ;)

// Favorite Drink
Love this Luk cider than Aaron got me. I was supposed to drink it with Thanksgiving dinner, but it ended up behind things in the fridge and forgotten about until this week. Was a nice surprise to find though after a couple stressful days!

// Favorite Spot
If you can't find Dexter, chances are he can be found hovering over or laying on top of the heating vent while it's running. He loves his "warms" as we call them :)

// Funnies
And of course, no Friday post would be complete without a few funnies to brighten your day!

A hard lesson to learn...

Notes to mom...these two had me almost crying

I know mine can for sure...

Ah, the days of playing countless hours of Oregon Trail in computer lab. Can you still get the old version anywhere? It would be so fun to play again :)

Have a great weekend!! xx


  1. Your breakfast this week looks amazing - those fresh raspberries - YUM! I'm so happy to hear your pup is back to normal - how scary it must have been for you guys!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. haha thanks for the funny posts at the bottom! So sorry about your puppy but glad everything is back to normal! Coming over from the link up.

  3. Bahah I had to immediately copy and send the Oregon Trail pic to Trey. Gah, good times. Your puppy pics are so priceless. SO glad DeeDee is ok!!

  4. AWWW! Poor Deedee! I didn't see that on IG! I'm glad she's doing better and it wasn't anything major! How cute of Dexter! He's getting big! Jackass likes to lay on the heater vents as well! :) Yay for your upcoming vacation! So jealous! My next vacation won't be until maternity leave...scary shit! Lol

  5. I loveee avocado toast! I love the picture of the $1750 tv..especially since we just bought one! haha

  6. Yum....I love avocado! The same happened to our dog, she likes to chase bees and catch them, in her mouth, therefor she gets stung! Crazy dog!


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