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Friday, February 13, 2015

Hiya Strangers! Once again, life (aka school) has gotten the best of me and I slipped away from blogland for awhile. I have to accept that this is just going to be the case until I finish up my degree -- only a year and a half more to go!

one // pups

I know a lot of you are dog owners, who value your fur babies as family members like Aaron and I do...and you are probably a lot like me, where like 90% of the pictures you have to share that are on your camera roll are of the pups! ;) so...let the over sharing begin...


  two // 

Two of my best friends { Alissa and Andrea } came down to visit the other weekend. I didn't get to spend as much time with them as I would've liked (had to study for f***ing midterms) but still got to have a quick ladies night. I can't wait until they come back in a couple months for a girls weekend!

three // instagram

Both Dex and I got some Instagram love recently! My phone blew up one day, and I had no idea why...and was so excited to find out that one of my pictures had been re-posted by Lauren Conrad's clothing collection's IG account!

Then, a couple days later, Dex was re-posted on a popular doberman lovers IG account and got his 15 mins of fame ;) 

{ Find me @emiliestorey }


four // diy

 I don't know about the rest of you, but my man and I do NOT work well on house projects together. We are both type A, want to be in charge... and it always turns into a heated battle and someone ends up getting yelled at haha! I think it's hilarious when I watch HGTV or DIY network and couples are getting along so nicely working on gutting a kitchen together or something. Ever seen Renovation Realities? That's more our jam.

However, we did a little DIY this past weekend together and it actually went {shocker} really well! Aaron had bought this funky vintage Lawrence Peabody fabric off eBay and wanted to turn it into a canvas for one of our spare rooms upstairs. So, we got some wood for the frame, a staple gun, and a fabric stretcher - and crafted away! It took about an hour and turned out pretty great! Fits perfectly with our other mid century modern stuff.

five // funnies


My group of ladies to a T...maybe even worse than normal since we are all dancers lol!
I'm sure a lot of you ladies and your best friends are the same! ;)

  a. I love Melissa McCarthy
b. I wish I could've pulled this when coming into work today

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  1. Oh man... when I'm having a rough time, my dog is the first one to cheer me up.

    Your photo was reposted by LC?! WHAT?? How awesome!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    Making Mrs. M

  2. Such cute pictures of your pup-- and so cool that LC reposted your photo! I always hear such good thing about her line at Kohls and those leggings look so cozy! Love the canvas you guys DIYed and your bed frame is amazing!

  3. How awesome that your pics were shared on IG! Dexter's tounge in that first pic looks so long! I laughed :) So cute! Hope your doing well and keeping your head above water (or should I say snow) with your classes! :)


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