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Friday, March 6, 2015

I found this cute little basket while I was at Home Goods the other day, and thought it would be perfect for the countless chew toys and bones that were sprawled all over our house. Dexter loves it - Deedee won't go near it...just barks until Dexter will get a toy out for her. Figures. I want to work on teaching them to clean up and put their toys away though! 
{I can dream right?}

Here are five other items that are on my fur baby wish list...

// house sign from Etsy: Address Plaques Plus 
// burlap pillow from Etsy: He She Chic
// names tag from Etsy: Canine Habits
// temurpedic dog bed from Orvis
// leather dog collar from Orion Leather Co.

I also would just LOVE to have a mudroom to renovate with this perfect dog wash station!!

I know a lot of you ladies have dogs {and cats}! What cute pet items do you have in your house??

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  1. That is seriously the best dog washing setup ever! So dream-worthy (old people wishes haha). I love when the puppies dig through the "toy box" (and when the cat does now, too!). Happy weekend :)

  2. Love all of this! That dog washing station is amazing!!

  3. Bahhaha! Love the dog wash station! Now that is some serious dreaming! :) I have a basket for our dogs toys as well but it's no where near as cute as that one! :)


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