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Friday, March 13, 2015
Happy Friday!
Linking up with the best of the best today for some of my recent finds and favorites...

one //

I was in the market for some new face wash this week, so I scooped up two new ones that I haven't tried before...Aveeno's Brightening Cleanser and Oil of Olay Regenerist Pore Scrub Cleanser.

I'm liking them so far - the Aveeno has an iridescent sheen to it, which I love and my skin has felt amazingly clean and fresh the past couple of nights when I have used it.

Do any of you use these products? What are your favorite night time face/skin products?

two //

Major girl-crushing on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lately! He recent red carpet looks have been stunning, and I love her new chopped bob...makes me want to book a hair appointment! But I have to remind myself how much I hate having short hair - no matter how cute it looks :-/

To top it all off, she is beau'd up with one of my favorite Hollywood men ;)

three //

I found some adorable prints on Etsy this past week - all Doberman themed of course because if you didn't already know... we are dog obsessed at my house ;) 

I'd love to have one of these - the soap company one would be perfect if we ever had the Dog Wash Station that I posted about last week! I would love the one on the bottom right for somewhere in the house too! 

four //

I'm always on the hunt for a good foundation - and I came across some pretty good reviews for Cover Girl & Olay Tone Rehab (2-in-1 Foundation and Serum). I have really dry skin in the winter and I'm wondering if this combo might be the answer to my flaky faced woes! 

Have any of you ladies tried it before?? I'd love to know if it provides a good coverage and dewy finish!

five //

Did you all see this?!?! 

Absolutely genius and hilarious...Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson both walked in Valentino's show during Paris Fashion Week the other day as their Zoolander characters to officially announce Zoolander 2. My friends and I loved that movie in middle school - can't wait to see the sequel!


  1. That instagram pic is funny. Can't wait to see the next Zoolander.

  2. How fun is that, that they literally walked in the show-- such a great way to promote a movie. The brightening cleanser sounds so nice- a few years ago I used the tinted moisturizer in that same line and really liked it.

  3. OMG, I have to check the fashion show because Zoolander is one of my favorite movies! And that is pure genius. I'm surprised it didn't happen before. Love the prints! We are dog obsessed here too so definitely always on Etsy looking for cute prints.

  4. that cleanser sounds wonderful- the aveeno one. I use obagi myself.


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