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Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Hi ladies! Well, I missed a Monday weekend re-cap because I have been home sick the past two days with a nasty sinus infection. I was feeling a bit sick last week, but I like to try and fight things of before going to the doctor - - turns out my body just wasn't having it, and it got worse over the weekend, which put me in the urgent care office Monday morning :-/ 

It was kind of nice to get a couple extra days to rest at home though, and after 48 hours of antibiotics, I am feeling like a new woman! 

Here are some snaps from the past few days...

Road Trip to Pittsburgh over the weekend...such a cool city! These pictures were taken at a lookout deck on Mount Washington.

Good makeup and hair days have to be documented ;)

Found some of the first pictures we ever took of my bubby Dexter the other day - look how tiny he was!
Top right and bottom left were when he was just 8 weeks old <3 <3 <3
Top left and bottom right are my stinky boy these days at 6 months old!

My #1 girl kept me company these past two sick days with lots of snuggles!! 
(Excuse the no makeup - I literally didn't give two shits because I felt awful and barely left the house haha!)

Hope you are all having a great week so far - I feel weird starting the work week on a Wednesday, but at least it's now only 2 days until the weekend! xx 

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