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Friday, May 15, 2015

One thing I can't live without in my life is lavender. It all started when we bought our house and went to pick out plants for the garden the first spring. I had no idea what I wanted, so I just trolled around the garden store just looking at and smelling everything - then I found it and fell in love. I remember telling Aaron we should just buy hundreds of lavender plants a fill the whole yard with them and I would be content ;) (for the record - we only ended up getting three, but they are my three favorite plants in the entire garden)

Over time I realized all the uses and ways I could incorporate lavender into my life...

Lavender oil
     Used for soothing aromatherapy
     Spritzed on a pillow to help you sleep (diluted with water)
     Great cruelty-free perfume option 
     (check out my other cruelty-free product posts here and here

Dried lavender
     In cooking and baking to enhance flavors and recipes
     Steeped in hot water for tea
     Mixed with baking soda for a natural carpet deodorizer

Health and Wellness
     Mixed with aloe to soothe burns
     Dabbed on you (and your pets) as a natural bug repellant
     Mixed with epsom salts in a bath to soothe sore muscles

     Mix with vinegar for an organic skin toner
     Use topically for skin irritations/acne
     Promoting hair growth and a healthy scalp, or for conditioning 

This is just a short list, but there are tons of great websites out there that share even more ways to use lavender! What are ways that you use lavender or other essential oils?

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  1. Love the scent of lavender, I never realized how much you could do with it! Thanks for sharing and linking up! :)

  2. i had no idea you could use it for so much! i've been meaning to get some to spray on my pillow, see if it would help me sleep.

  3. I had no idea Lavender had so many great uses! I'm definitely going to have to try the skin toner recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I LOVE lavender. Now I need to go home and find that lavender soap I've been "saving" and use it already :) Happy weekend, pretty!

  5. I've just began using lavendar in essential oils on the bottoms of my feet at bedtime for sleep, I burn a lavendar candle too. Also, heard it was good for other things that I'm still researching.

  6. we are just starting the process of selecting plants for our new yard....and I think that now I need lavender!! thanks for linking up and inspiring my yard reno! xo

  7. Lavender is definitely very useful! I've been using it in a diffuser every night to calm Remigton down with her colic! :) I would love to have lavender plants in my garden! :)


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