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Friday, May 29, 2015
I mean honestly...just look at these faces...

I can't describe the amount of love and happiness adding dogs to our family has brought. Sure, they are tons of work and some days it feels like I'm taking care of two giant toddlers, but I wouldn't change it for anything. These two rescue pups ended up rescuing us in the best way <3

Aaron and I got Deedee (black - female) in July of 2013 from a humane society rescue in the middle of nowhere, Ohio. We both love Dobermans, but it is hard to find ones that need rescued...but I knew I didn't want to by from a breeder - it had to be a rescue... so I was willing to wait until we were able to find one. 

Within a few weeks of searching, I found Deeds on Petfinder and went to visit her that weekend...and when we got there she was cowering in the back of a cage, so scared - looking at us with big puppy eyes. Heart-melted instantly and knew instantly that she belonged home with us.

Her first picture, on the day we brought her home!

About a year and a half later - in October of 2014, we decided it was time to get a second dog. Deedee spent a lot of time at home alone during the day since Aaron and I both work, and I hated that. I wanted her to have a friend to play and snuggle I took up browsing Petfinder again in search of another Doberman. 

One day at work I stumbled upon this picture (below) - he was ready to be adopted and only a 3 hour drive away! I emailed them right away, but didn't hear back. I just knew that this was my second dog, so I bugged the shit out of them for the next 24 hours...emailing and calling...and finally got a hold of his foster mom. 

She told me there were over 50 people contacting her regarding her posting (turns out there were 4 identical looking puppies in a litter she rescued)...but since I kept reaching out, she said I was getting bumped up the list and could have one! So see? Sometimes it pays off to be persistent ;) 

These two are my heart - they are so loving, goofy, and fun! 
They make me laugh every day, are sweet to everyone they meet, and are my #1 cuddle buddies!

Even when they've done something naughty...who could even get or stay mad?

Deedee just turned 2 years old and is 60 lbs.
She loves her Dad (Aaron) more than anything - her butt almost falls off from wiggling so hard when he comes home!
She will only eat off the floor - no bowl, no plate, no mat...only the bare floor.
She is very skittish and scared of a lot things, but we are working on building her confidence!
Despite being a scaredy-cat, she sounds like a 100lb guard dog with a crazy deep growl and bark.
She loves to run - she is all legs and looks like a baby deer when she can just haul ass outside at the park.
She loves to curl up in a ball and snuggle on the big zebra blanket.

Dexter is 8 months old and already bigger than his sister. He's almost 70 lbs - gonna be a BIG boy!
He LOVES food. Little Mr. Greedy will eat anything you want to give food, cheese, watermelon, sweet potato, peanut name it, he will eat it!
 He is a big baby, he loves to snuggle on you like he's a tiny puppy and will cry and whine if you aren't sitting with him or petting him.
He's this mischievous one - stealing shoes, hording toys, chewing up socks, eating the TV remote, etc!

What is something you can't live without?? 
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  1. what sweet babies! We love love love our dogs too and they make our current world go round. We are pregnant with our first human baby and are anxious to see what our fur babies have to say about this new invader! I love their sweaters!!

  2. Their like little kids aren't they. We feel the same way with our two "little" dogs. Love them all dressed up! From Can't Live Without It.

  3. they are just absolutely adorable :) i definitely couldn't live without my cats!

  4. awhh!! I want a dog so bad!! they are SO CUTE! I love dex in his cute sweater haha
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. Awww. I loved this post! They are so cute! I can't believe deedee will only eat off the bare floor! Lol.

  6. Oh my gosh they are SO cute!! I love the sweaters on them :) Its so true, dogs really are a member of the family I don't know what we'd do without our Ruby!! Thanks for linking up!

  7. I love their sweet faces!!!! They seriously have such amazing personalities I can see it in all your pictures!


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