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Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Happy hump day! 

I wanted to do another cruelty free post to share some of my favorite bath products that we've discovered since making the switch. It was much easier to replace everything than I had imagined and I truly love so many of the brands we have started using!

The only thing I'm having a hard time with is deodorant...if anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears! I've tried so many and nothing seems to get the job done (TMI? lol)

Apart from deodorant and a few lingering makeup items I need to polish off, I'm happy to say our home is now 100% cruelty free :)

** All of the items shared in this post were purchased at Target or Kroger's (grocery store) organic section.

cruelty free hand soap
Found at Target

This is a great brand - we have also started buying their paper towels - but I'll share that in another Cruelty Free Kitchen post!
Runner up - Method Foaming Handsoap (they even sell refill bags so you don't have to buy a dispense each time!)

cruelty free shaving cream
Found at Kroger - Organic Section

In one word - amazing. This is far better than any other shaving product I've used! This is an item I found at the grocery store in the organic section. A little bit goes a long way! 

cruelty free conditioner

cruelty free shampoo
Found at Target

Owned by the Redmond family, who has a GREAT philosophy - all products are tested on the Redmonds, not animals. They come in great scents are have an awesome price tag! My only thing is I run out of conditioner way before shampoo, but that happens no matter what brand I'm buying - lol! #thickhairproblems 

cruelty free soap

cruelty free soap
Found at Target

Some of the best soap I've ever use...honestly. It smells amazing, and leave your skin so soft and refreshed, without and residue left behind. And Aaron's loves their Utility Bar soap for Men! 

cruelty free face scrub
Found at Target

Great face scrubs! I will admit, this is product had the biggest price difference of almost anything I switched.  Less than $4.00 for St. Ives to over $10.00 for a face scrub was hard, but it's worth it! The products are high quality, have been great for my skin, and last much longer. So the higher price tag is totally justified.  

cruelty free hairspray
Found at Target

Hairspray has been another one where the price tag was a bit scary - but I remind myself why I'm doing it. I'm sure if I went to Ulta, or shopped online, I could find something less expensive, but since I'm always rushing into Target at the last minute, I have to make due with what they have. And the only cruelty-free hairspray I could find is Paul Mitchell.

It's an awesome product - super high quality...but I'll keep you updated on this one because I'd rather not go on paying $20 for a can of hairspray ;)


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