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Friday, September 11, 2015
We made it to the weekend! Sometimes, I swear 4 days weeks almost feel longer than a normal work week! Hope you all have fun plans for the next couple of days, I know I will be watching A LOT of football :) Buckeyes on Saturday and my Brownies on Sunday - my favorite time of the year!

Here are a few of my favorite things that I stumbled upon this week...

// The perfect Nike workout tank as seen on Megan at Holy City Chic

// My newest Cleveland Browns purchase - hope this shows up in time for next weekend's game!

// Hair-O-Scope from Madison Reed - such a cute idea! They definitely have me pegged right as a Capricorn...perfectionist all the way. Since I'm headed to the salon tomorrow, I think I'll take their advice and stick with long locks! Even though I've never colored my hair before, when I discovered Madison Reed, I noticed their color-advisor quiz and after completing it, I was so excited to see they have a great range of natural-looking red dye options...for when the day eventually comes and I need some gray hair touch ups! ;)

// Ladies of London Season 2 - the premiere is sitting on my DVR, anxiously waiting to be watched next week when Aaron heads out of town for work ;) Have you ladies started watching it this season? I loved it last year - Marissa is my fave and Caroline is hilarious.  



  1. Aaah you do not even know how excited I am LOL is back. They are so amazing but Marissa is definitely already bugging me and I'm leaning more towards liking Juliet; who would have thought ha!? Happy weekend, girl!

  2. hmmm that Ladies of London looks like my next show to get into. I am almost done with Hart of Dixie on Netflix and was thinking of what I should be watching next. Thanks for the recommendation and from one Ohio blogger to another.... O-H

  3. I swear the same thing about four day weeks. Plus, now I probably need to go into the office today to get a little more done. blah! And that shirt is way cute, even if it's not my team :).


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