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Friday, October 9, 2015
Happy Friday ladies!

Did you notice the few changes around here? I finally gave the blog a bit of a face lift ...and it only took me a couple of hours to figure out how! lol I'm not really computer savvy ;)
Now let's get to the good stuff...sharing five of my favorites for the week of Oct 5th!

// fashion
Since picking up this floppy hat at Old Navy the other day, I've been looking for some fall outfit inspiration to pair it with. I'm loving these looks from Amber Fillerup and Andee Layne.

// beauty
Cleaning makeup brushes is always a pain, and I put it off much more than I should - but I was really interested when I saw this little mat by Sigma for only $32! Looks cute and really practical, so it might make the annoying task of brush maintenance just a bit more fun and effective!

// blogger
I was so excited to discover Tashina Combs and her blog, Logical Harmony. It is an awesome vegan beauty and lifestyle blog with a super extensive Cruelty Free Beauty List that is updated weekly! JACKPOT
This will make my shopping trips much quicker when I am looking for new products! Tashina does extensive research into each brand before putting them on the cruelty free list.

Straight from her site: 
Logical Harmony strives to bring you the best in beauty, lifestyle, fashion, health and diet. The content focuses on vegan beauty and the promotion of a healthy and animal friendly lifestyle.

// eats
One of my favorite bloggers to follow, Megan at Willow & Co. posted this amazing crockpot mac & cheese reciepe the other day. Let's be honest, cheese is one of my (if not my #1) favorite foods... so I can't wait to try this out! 

// warm fuzzy
This article just made my heart explode. Meet Pumpkin, the orphaned raccoon who was rescued as a baby and now thinks she's a dog, like her companions Toffee and Oreo. #deadfromthecuteness 

Follow her on IG @pumpkintheraccoon

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  1. Awww the raccoon! My old coworker took in abandoned wild animals and the opossums slept with her like cats haha. That recipe looks fabulous and I'm loving the look of the hat with flared jeans! I toss all my makeup brushes into a sink filled with warm water and a little Dawn and just swish and then rinse; I'm sure that's not the "best" way to do clean them but it's fast. Have a great weekend, gorgeous!

  2. crock pot mac & cheese? sign me up! yum. i love love love floppy hats but i could absolutely never rock one hahaha. love the inspiration though!

  3. Love those floppy hats too. Just can't get them to look right on me!


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