dear santa

Sunday, December 13, 2015
via Etsy

My family always asks for a small Christmas list from us every year, so I thought I'd share a few of the things I've had my eye on this holiday season. 

Does anyone notice that as we get older, it gets harder to come up with these lists? I find that most things we just buy ourselves, and the things we really want (i.e. for the house mainly) are way too expensive to put on a Christmas list ;)

Dear Santa

1 // Michael Kors Kempton Crossbody Purse
2 // Silver Buddha head decoration
3 // Ikea Ofelia Vass bedding set
4 // Coldplay's new CD
5 // Illustrated Harry Potter book
6 // Simple Human LED makeup mirror
7 // Naked Smokey eye shadow palette
8 // Adele's new CD (Target version - 3 bonus songs!)
9 // Marble iPhone case
10 // Victoria's Secret Long Jane pajamas (so festive and Christmas-y!)

What's on your list this year?? xx


  1. i couldn't even come up with a list this year - you're so right it's just harder as we get older!! I love that case you have picked out! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. It's definitely hard to come up with these lists, because we really have most things that we need or want. I find it super difficult to shop for my in-laws because they are the epitome of having everything they could want (because they just get it) and need. It's hard coming up with something special to show them how much we love them!

  3. You're so right about lists being hard to come up with as you get older. I do love everything you put on your list- love that marble phone case and an illustrated Harry Potter book would be amazing.


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