2016 resolutions

Wednesday, January 6, 2016
I have always liked the New Year...it feels like a blank slate and the perfect time to set new goals for yourself. I thought I'd share mine for this year... 

// vegetarian & cruelty free
I officially stopped eating meat at the beginning of December, but I have included it my resolutions and I plan to continue to work on it throughout the year. Same goes for cruelty free, which we started in our household this past summer...but again, I want to continue to work on it and find new products and brands to support!

// diet & exercise
The standard one that seems to appear on everyone's list ;) ...but I fell out of my healthier routines this past year. I blame grad school, but I'm done making excuses and want to get back to where I am comfortable. This also includes starting to dance again...I've already been looking into finding adult ballet classes in Columbus. 

// stress-free wedding
As I start to really dive into wedding planning, I want to do my best to get it done without tons of stress (this may be a total pipe dream...but hopefully I can make it a reality). The date is set, the venue and photographer are booked...so be on the lookout for some wedding posts soon! 

// savings
Aaron and I have been working on this the past couple of years, and we are getting better...but there is always more room for improvement. Buy less, save more!

// reading
There are so many books piling up on my nightstand, and I never seem to make the time to read them :( I definitely want to work more on this. My goal is to take a few nights a week where I abstain from defaulting to the TV, and grab a book instead before bed! 

First up:

What others do you ladies suggest??


  1. I love how big of a variety you have here for the year! I'm trying to do the same this year with reading- it's so hard for me to unplug, but I want to make it more of a priority to read at least a little bit every night. I can't wait to hear more about your journey to being vegetarian and cruelty free!

  2. Great goals for the new year. I don't make enough time for reading these days either, that's a goal of mine too!

  3. Love the goals! Totally realistic! I didn't know you set a date?! Ahh! So exciting!

  4. i am done making excuses with my health as well.. it just keeps getting further and further away and i feel like i finally realised okay, time to buckle down and get it done! sometimes it is so easy to default to the tv, i sometimes go lay in bed way earlier than necessary (no tv in there) and read so i'm not tempted haha.


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