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Wednesday, February 24, 2016
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I thought I would start putting together lists of my top five favorite things in different categories to share with you all! An easy place to start seemed to be music, movies, books, etc...but I think I will also end up talking about things like beauty products, clothes, stores, home items, places to visit - there are so many options! Let me know if there is any particular topic you are interested in!

So, to start, I wanted to share my top five favorite CDs. These are albums that I can listen to a hundred times over and never get tired of. I think it is a pretty well-rounded group, with something for every occasion or mood ;)

Coldplay // A Rush of Blood to the Head
You all know how much I love my Coldplay, so it should be no surprise that they are first up on the list. This is one of the best albums ever {in my opinion}...with tracks like Clocks, The Scientist, and Green Eyes - amazing lyrics, amazing music.

Ray LaMontagne // Trouble
Indie, relaxing, and unique...perfect for the times you are in a mellow mood.

Adele // 21
I do love her new CD, but this one just trumps it for me...I love nearly every track.

Bob Marley & the Wailers // Legend
Just classic - and puts everyone in a happy mood. Feel-good music through and through.

The Police // The Police
Have I mentioned before that I am obessed with Sting? ;) Love his voice and a lot of his solo stuff, but this album holds so many great hits and my favorite Police song, Walking on the Moon.

What are your top five favorite albums?? xx


  1. Love the idea of top 5, and love the variety in this list!

  2. I seriously listen to that Adele CD every single morning! Love it!

  3. i only have adele's latest cd, i never bought the others. maybe i should check them out!


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