master bathroom remodel

Monday, March 14, 2016
So after living in our home for nearly 4 years, Aaron and I have finally started working on the master bathroom. It is on the third floor of the house (right off of our master bedroom) behind a white pocket door.

It has looked like this since we bought the house...basically a roughed in storage space where everything we didn't know where to put got shoved (golf clubs - perfect example ;) As you can tell from the picture, we have to be creative because we are dealing with pitched ceilings on both sides. The shower will be the entire back section behind the ledge in the floor. The window area actually has two little bench seats (one on either side) that will probably end up having marble tops. The toilet will stay where it is, the sink will be to the right of the toilet...and storage / shelving will be across from both - on the left side of the room.

fixer upper master bathroom

I don't know why, but this weekend we finally decided to start making things happen. We bought tile from a local store on Saturday afternoon - and the one we ended up picking looks like it is wood and is a grey, distressed color {like below}.


Then, we hopped in the car and took a quick trip down to Ikea to pick up some wall storage, a sink, a faucet, and vanity/sink cabinet. We are going to keep the white handles off the sink cabinets and add our own chrome ones to match the faucet and shower hardware.

Also - the 2 drawer cabinet will be built into the wall along with a hand-made open shelf above it for folded towels. I'm so blessed to have such a handy and talented fiance who is able to do all of these awesome projects for our home! Although...I did put together the shelf and drawers myself last night {but it did take me 3 hours full of cussing and near tears... #f**kyouikeafurniture hahaha}

That is all that has been purchased and accomplished so far...but the plans also include:
- White subway tile shower with chrome hardware and grey grout
- Shiplap walls
- Full length mirror built into the pocket door
- Makeup vanity stool 
Here are some inspiration pictures I'm working with to envision the final product!
Can't wait to share it with you all once it is completed! xx


  1. Your bathroom is going to be fabulous once completed. The tile is so unique (and pretty). Can't wait for the reveal!

  2. Ahh it's going to be amazing when it's done-- it's such a cool space and I love everything you've picked out so far!

  3. ohhh it's gonna be so fabulous when it's done. the vanity looks amazing, but i can imagine how stressful it was to put together. i hate putting furniture together, especially ikea lol

  4. Cant wait to see it! Kitchens and bathrooms are my two favorite places in homes :)

  5. So fun!! I can't wait to see the finished result! I love your ideas and inspiration pics! It's going to be awesome. And that wood floor tile is so cool!!

  6. Interesting bathroom to start with, looks like it will turn out great. My wife and I decided we wanted to redo the bathroom on our main floor and it feels as if we are wrecking more than we are fixing. It's a crazy battle to remodel, but I think it will be worth it. Can't wait to see the results!


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