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Friday, May 13, 2016
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On the first leg of my recent trip to Vermont, I flew into New York. Because of this, I had to be conscious of what I packed, even though Aaron and I planned to drive back. I didn't want to check a bag, because I didn't want to waste any more time than was necessary once arriving (since we had a 3-hour car ride after I landed in NY). 

Since you are only allowed two carry on bags - I decided to go with a weekender bag for my clothes, shoes, and toiletries. I am not sure what brand my weekender bag is, because it was a gift (and I never checked), but this one is a great option. I also really like this, even though it is a bit pricey.  I am typically one of those people that packs way to much (so I have options, right?)...but that wasn't even possible in this situation, so I really had to be smart about what I decided to take. 

In my weekender bag I packed...
- 2 outfits
- 2 pajama sets
- 1 workout outfit (& sneakers)
- Small cross body purse
- 1 lightweight jacket
- Socks, underwear, etc.
- Conical Wand
- Jewelry
- 1 pair of nice shoes

My tote bag is from Target (old), but this one is quite similar. This is my dream travel tote though!

In my tote bag I packed...
- 2 books (this and this)
- iPhone charger and headphones
- Cosmetics bags (see below)
- Wallet
- Notepad and pen
-  Keys and iPhone

The part that got really tricky, though, was beauty products...due to all the TSA rules and regulations, especially when it comes to "liquids". Here are the contents of my acceptable 1-quart liquids bag. Good thing we were only gone for a couple days - or this wouldn't have been nearly enough products! ;)

Body lotion // Lip gloss // Perfume Roller // Eye Primer // Mascara // Various liners // Concealer
Makeup Wipes // Deodorant // Contacts (and Solution) // Face Lotion // Face Wash // Foundation // Hairspray

Makeup and brushes came along in two more zipper pouches  - the white Estee Lauder pouch had powder makeup items (eye shadow palettes, brow powder, bronzer, highlighter, etc) and the striped Sephora pouch was for makeup tools / brushes.

 I am pretty proud of how much I was able to cut things down and pack only necessities ;)
What types of things are on your "must have" list for a quick weekend trip?? xx

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  1. makeup etc is always the hardest for me! i feel like toiletries shouldn't fall under those rules haha but of course they should. it just makes my life hard ;)


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