bachelorette & bridal shower weekend

Friday, July 15, 2016
My amazing friends and sister - the ones responsible for this perfect weekend!!

Brace yourself - it's a long one ;) 

It is hard to put into words how wonderful this past weekend was. All I know is that I have the best friends, sister, and Mum in the world. They put so much time and effort into making me feel special and gifting me with an outrageously fun bachelorette party and stunning bridal shower.

..:: SATURDAY ::..

I drove up to Akron and arrived around 2 pm. Alissa, Andrea, and I ran to the mall to pick up some makeup and I was in desperate need of an outfit for the night! I was able to find something at Express and we head back to Andrea's to do my trial makeup run for the wedding. Before long, all the other girls were showing up and the house was full of us running around getting ready! Andrea's dog (Max) was not impressed ;)

After getting ready, we head to Bricco in downtown Akron for dinner and drinks. I won't forget to mention the obscene gifts and party favors that were waiting for me when I got in the car haha! Those who know me, know that this MORTIFIED me, but they let me keep everything in the least until later ;)

After dinner we did a little bar friends had come up with really fun places to take me including The Northside Speakeasy (with secret door entrance), Chop & Swizzle (a specialty cocktail bar), and The Noisy Oyster (our old stomping ground). 

A little after midnight, we ended up at our favorite place - Square Bar, a gay nightclub in Highland Square. Once we were there, we danced for hours! We made it back to Andrea's... which is right around the corner... and sat on the back patio talking and drinking wine until almost 4 am. SUCH a good night with my best friends! 

The gorgeous mermaid crown was hand-made & gifted to me by my lovely friend Andrea (far right)

..:: SUNDAY ::..

Sunday morning I was up at 8 am (holy tired) and hung out at Andrea's until it was time to get ready for my bridal shower. We drove to the location and I almost died when I pulled up to it - it was an AMAZING old-world mansion in West Akron that has been turned into a bed & breakfast. This place was just stunning. It has so much character and a gorgeous garden surrounding the property.

The O'neil House

My friends and family had gone above and beyond - decorating and making everything just perfect. I am so blessed to have all of them in my life. It brought me to tears actually! The center piece was created by Andrea and the favors of homemade mint body scrub (in cute mason jars) were made by Abby. After a quick tour of the mansion... we ate a delicious meal, drank mimosas and topped it all off with cupcakes from Alissa. 

After the wonderful meal, we head into the great room for games and presents. My Mum had two fun games planned - a quiz about how well you know the bride and "Find the Groom"...which was hilarious. Here's a quick shot of "Aaron" and all the other "Grooms"! We all decided Rob Kardashian would be the worst ;)

I was overwhelmed with such thoughtful gifts from everyone, but my favorite (that made everyone burst into tears, starting with me) was when my Mum gave me her light blue garter from her wedding to my dad to use as my something old & something blue <3

After gifts we head outside (not for long because it was over 90 degrees!) for some pictures in the beautiful garden...

All my dance besties - Alissa, Abby, & Andrea
Mumsie xx
My little sister, Allison, Mum, & I
My Michelle - best friends since the 7th grade!
All these women made me feel so special and I can't thank them enough for giving me the perfect weekend. A few of my best friends were missed, as they live out of town - but they were there in spirit! Aaron had a great guy's weekend too - fishing and boating for 3 days up on Lake Erie with Andrea's husband! xx


  1. You look gorgeous girl - your hair is amazing!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful bridal weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Everything looks like it was so amazing, and you looked absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Everything looks so amazing- what a stunning shower location! I love your dress and that grooms game looks hilarious. It sounds like your bachelorette was so fun too, what a great group of friends!

  4. awww what a perfect weekend! they really did go above and beyond. love sitting around talking with my girlfriends, but holy moly 4am hahaha. omg that bed and breakfast looks AMAZING. yes, rob kardashian would so be the worst haha


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