Christmas Wish List

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's that time of year! Christmas is my favorite - I just love the decorations, the music, and really just everything that goes along with the season. I love picking out and wrapping gifts for my friends and family - there is nothing better than the excitement of your loved one's faces when they open something you put a lot of time and thought into :)

The older I get, the harder it is to come up with things when my family asks what to get me - does that happen to any of you? ...In all honesty Mum, I could use a new dishwasher (lol!) 

Here is a quick run down of things that made it onto my Christmas wish list!

 // Diptyque Perfume - I'm so excited to have finally found a major perfume brand that is cruelty free. I'm not prepared to commit to an entire bottle of a scent yet though, so travel size will do fine for now!

// PINK Sweater - I can never have enough of these cozy lounge sweats, especially during the chilly months!

// Urban Outfitters Vegan Leather Tote - so excited about this purse, it is such a gorgeous color and I can't wait to replace some of my older leather tote bags. 

// Sephora Gift Card - my makeup wish list is just getting far too long, so a gift card to go pick up some of the items would be perfect! 

// ASOS Coat - I saw this the other day in one of Samantha Maria's YouTube videos, and I just fell in love with it! It is such a pretty color, it looks so soft and warm...and it is a classic cut that looks like it will be stylish for years to come.

// KORRES Gift Set - this brand makes such lovely skin products, and I thought this "Best of" kit seems like a great addition to my winter skin care collection.

// Pottery Barn Nativity Set - Aaron and I don't have a proper Nativity Scene for the holidays yet, and I love how unique and modern this set is! It would be perfect to put out with all of our Christmas decorations. 

What is on your wish list for this holiday season?? xx


  1. I'd be totally happy with everything on your list too! Sephora giftcards are always a good idea, that are sure to get used up quickly! That nativity is so pretty and unique.

  2. hahahaha yes, for real. i feel like when people ask me what i want, all i can think of are grown up serious things, and my mum is like no. haha. it's hard! but i could always use a sephora gift card ;)

  3. I have that bag on my wish list too! I think it would be great for a diaper bag too!


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