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Friday, December 16, 2016

Thank you for all the sweet comments and messages the other day about our baby news! You are all so wonderful and I was so excited to share this with my friends from the blogging community. I wanted to do a quick update on how my first trimester went, since I am already well into my second (will be 17 weeks this Thursday). 

I was lucky in the fact that even though I had times I felt quite nauseous, I never got to the point of actually getting sick or the nausea being bad enough that it hindered my daily life. It would happen in waves, come and go. The only thing it really affected was my appetite...I definitely didn't eat much and wasn't hungry very often. 

One thing that did knock me on my butt though was the exhaustion. Guys, I have been SO tired, it's hard to even describe it. Aaron laughed the other day because I said this baby is sucking the life out of me. Most nights I have been going to bed around 9:30 pm, but I am still tired the next day. Probably because I sleep like s**t...insomnia and waking up multiple times a night has become a nightly routine. 

Other things I took note of during the first trimester were cramps and boob changes. Both lovely things to discuss. Cramping made me nervous, but after lots of reassurance from my doctor, as long as it wasn't accompanied by bleeding, it was likely just all my muscles and bits starting to shift and expand to make room for baby. And the boobs - they are already quite large, but have decided to already start getting bigger, and majority sensitive. 


Feeling: I was a bit nervous to finally announce the baby new publicly - to the blogging world and to everyone in our lives (minus the handful of close friends and family who already knew)...but now that it's done, I'm really excited. It makes it all feel more real, if that makes sense. Also feeling tired...always ;) 

Craving: The biggest (and only) one that I have had thus far is Vitamin Water. No joke, I never drank the stuff before becoming pregnant, but over the past few weeks, there is nothing I love more than and ice cold bottle of the XXX Acai Blueberry-Pomegranate. 

Wearing: Still in my normal clothes, but even though I haven't gained any weight yet, things are starting to feel tighter and uncomfortable around my middle and hips. A bit frustrating since I'm not the size for proper maternity clothes yet, but I'm going to need to buy some bigger, more forgiving items. Any suggestions from you mamas out there? 

Excited About: I can't wait to feel my baby move - it should be happening in the next couple of weeks and I am so looking forward to it! I am also super excited to find out the gender in 2 weeks at my anatomy ultrasound! 

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  1. oh sorry i have no suggestions about maternity clothes.. though i know plenty of people who started wearing maternity clothes before they felt they 'needed' to, just to be more comfortable. why not! sorry you've been sleeping so poorly :( i used to LOVE vitamin water. i drank so much it was insane lol.


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